Monopoly is a game I despise. I really think it was invented some 75 or so years ago knowing that someone, such as I, would come along who truly hates the game. Or at least that’s my take on the matter.

I can remember as a little girl getting out our old Monopoly game from the closet and putting the painted wooden houses and hotels on the squares of the board, but not really understanding what the game was all about. I was more intent about every “living space” having a house on it. Rarely was the game played for its intended purpose. In later years, I understood better about the game, but I didn’t like it.

My opinion hasn’t changed.

Years ago I was dating a man whose family had a different way of playing Monopoly than I’d ever witnessed. One day, in particular, I was so disgusted with the way they played the game, I vowed to never play the game again.

Even though I didn’t play the “8 years to adult” version of Monopoly, I had no problem playing Monopoly Junior with my son when he was young. It is more of a carnival-type theme and it isn’t anything like the cut-throat adult version.

Only recently have I dared to play the updated “Here and Now” version. Yes, I broke the Monopoly vow. And, why, I’ll never know. Because I still despise the game.

Remember the old Monopoly when you bought railroads? It’s airports now. And remember the electric company and water works? Now you can buy cell phone companies. Sure community chest and chance are still on the board, but as my luck had it, I had to pay mega thousands every time I drew a card. Nothing went my way.

So once again, I’ve decided to boycott Monopoly — at least temporarily. However, I’ll be glad anytime to play a game of Monopoly Junior so I can look at squares of cotton candy, popcorn, etc. Just thinking about the carnival atmosphere makes me think of the wonderful candied apples I used to get when I was a kid. Here’s my mom’s recipe for the delectable treat. Enjoy!

Candied Apples

12 small apples

2 cups sugar

3/4 cup water

1/2 cup white syrup

1 teaspoon vinegar

red food coloring

Wash apples and dry. Then put sticks in the apples. Boil sugar, water and syrup until it forms a soft ball. Then add vinegar and coloring. Continue cooking until it forms a very hard ball when dropped in cold water. (Reheat if syrup gets too cold.) Dip apples rapidly in syrup then place on a well-greased pan.


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