Once again, it is Mother’s Day, and we honor the women who raised us, sacrificed for us, and continue (in my case, anyway) to take care of us in many different ways. Thank you, Mama!

I had a major allergy attack the Saturday of Derrick Days, and spent two weeks sick after that. Boy, was I wanting my mama then! As it was, I just wanted my husband to come home and take care of me. Once he did come home, he loaded me up and took me to Tyler, depositing me in a lovely hotel.

We were there so he could participate in a truck rodeo. Yes, that’s right — a truck rodeo. I pictured lassos and cowboy hats and lots of very large rope — but alas, it was more like big orange cones and 18-wheelers.

John Paul and his buddy Darrell were there to represent their company, and took written exams, and pre-trip tests in the morning. Darrell’s poor wife Ruby was left with the “sick chick” and I did my best to keep up. The truck rodeo folks put on a big fish fry for the families, and we ate well that afternoon (well, we ate well the entire weekend), before watching the fellas compete.

It wasn’t until JP met some pompous fool from another company that he became super-competitive. There were several categories of trucks, and they all had to drive this course, which was difficult, according to the “experts.”

It was fun watching those dudes manipulate those huge machines over tiny pieces of tape, without knocking a tennis ball off a washer. One guy knocked over a barrel, and some even knocked over a cone or two. When it was all said and done, JP and Darrell each came in third in their division, vowing to come back the next year and take first.

Now when John Paul is on the road, he’s always on the lookout for pompous, arrogant Patrick (the guy from the other company) who took first place in their division.

For me, even though I was sick, it was a lovely weekend. Darrell and Ruby were a blast, we ate really well, and our room was wonderful. The hotel was very nice, and I didn’t have to lift a finger to do anything. What bliss!

On a sad note, we said good-bye to some folks in our newsroom this week. Three at one swoop — I think it’s some kind of record. Thursday, we had a final lunch and some cake, and there were some speeches. When Raymond tried to speak about his friendship/relationship with Loyd, he became very emotional. Likewise Loyd, and before you knew it, Camille, Heather and I were all wet-eyed as well.

Maybe I’m just an old sap, but I don’t like change. Joan Sherrouse is off to Africa, and will spend a month this “short trip.” While I wish her well on her adventures, we’ll miss her around here. She gave me lots of great advice when I first started writing, and though her stops in the newsroom have been brief of late, she’s a stand-up gal.

Joel Weckerly is a great writer, a smart fellow, and a super-smart aleck. The word Camille and I use to describe him is “snarky.” It’s not in the dictionary, but we know what it means.

And Loyd ... our Loydicus. Things won’t ever quite be the same around here without Loydisms. He’s unique. He taught me many things in the last several years, and for that, I’m grateful. Be safe out there, Loyd. We’ll miss ya.


Deanna Plemons is a Daily Sun staff writer. Her column appears Sundays. She may be contacted via e-mail at deannap@corsicanadailysun.com.

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