One normally associates the term “Snaff-Eww” with something bad.

For Kristy Golden of Dawson High School, “Snaff-Eww” is a good thing. Good enough for a third place award in a statewide contest.

Golden took the prize in the Texas Computer Educators Association’s Digital Audio contest. Her original music composition, produced in her Multimedia class at Dawson High School, was titled “Snaff-Eww”. It placed third out of over 800 entries in the competition, involving over 1,400 Texas high school students.

Golden was encouraged to enter the contest by her instructor, Cindy Woodard. The musical composition, produced on computer using special software the class is studying, drew upon Golden’s musical background, as well as her proficiency on the computer.

“She has a musical background from band, and she showed a real interest in the software we’re using,” Woodard said. “She is really good at composing music, and was really motivated and excited about it.”

“I’ve always been interested in computer art,” Golden said, “I really got interested in computer music when I got into the Multimedia class.”

The project Golden submitted was created using a software called “Adobe Audition.” Her piece, about two minutes long, was created using several “loops” of music, pieced together with the software and computer.

“We entered the contest, and then didn’t hear anything back for a while,” Golden said, “I thought that I didn’t win. Then we got the e-mail that said I won third place!”

Golden will receive a medal, certificate and ribbon from the Texas Computer Educators Association. Her composition will also be posted on the group’s website,

Golden is a senior at Dawson High School, who will be attending Navarro College on the “First Generation” scholarship program, then on to the University of North Texas, where she plans to pursue a teaching degree.


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