Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

September 14, 2012

Letters to the Editor 9/15/12

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Daily Sun biased?

To the Editor: Before I start this let me say that my wife and I are conservative independents and are senior citizens. The Daily Sun ran two articles concerning the Republican National Convention neither of which rated front page coverage and focused only on local participants. Although the Sun saw fit to run a front page color picture and article about our ultra-liberal leader and his wife during the R.N.C., the Sun apparently chose not to discuss any of the Republicans proposed platforms or political changes that were proposed.

Then came the Democratic National Convention. Now the Sun decides it’s a good thing to give front page coverage before, during and after the convention, although there were no significant changes in what we have had for the last four years.

We are all familiar with the media bias presented by the networks ABC, CBS and NBC. Somehow I thought the Daily Sun was above this. I feel sure the Sun will blame this on the Associated Press and their affiliation, however I know some of the reporters for the Sun and they are intelligent people that are capable of reporting in an unbiased manner.

The area that the Sun services has a diverse public base of which a large number are Republican and Independents. I would worry about losing part of that base if I were the editor or owner. If it were not for the obituaries, crosswords and the T.V. Guide we would probably be one of those cancellations.

Willard Cox

P.S. —  I feel sure the Sun will not print this but at least I’ve got it off my chest.


To the Editor: The best part of the DNC was the pledge of allegiance by Gabrielle Giffords. There were few dry eyes among those who heard what was a testimony to her love for America, in spite of her terrible injury. The worst part of the DNC was dropping the approval of Jerusalem and God from the platform, then needing three tries to put them back  at Obama's request, and the resulting outcries and boos. It is a reminder that the old Democrat Party of our parents is no more. It has been hijacked.

Dems think there is no such thing as fraudulent voting. Yet, they demanded picture ID's of fellow dems to attend  and vote on the party platform. I guess they know who votes fraudulently.  

Perhaps the best thing at the RNC was Clint Eastwood's empty chair routine. He now says, "Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people." You get the same idea from the documentary, 2016.  

People are waking up to the reality that we elected a dictator who hates America. Some one has said, "Every time history repeats itself, the price of the lesson goes up."

Pray to God for forgiveness, for strength to pay the price, and that it is not too late.

Charles Lennon

Caring for Seniors

To the Editor: This week marks the celebration of National Assisted Living Week. TRISUN Healthcare, a subsidiary of Harden Healthcare, manages Heritage Oaks Retirement Village in Corsicana and welcomes the opportunity to recognize our staff members and all who work in the field ofsenior care that are dedicated to the well-being of assisted living residents.

Assisted living communities focus on nurturing residents to help them reach their maximum potential. We ensure they are active and engaged every day with a comprehensive activity program thatallows residents to be as busy as they choose, doing the things they enjoy most. The goal is to enhance residents’ quality of life, foster independence and provide customized care. Additionally, residents are surrounded by friends who truly make the community feel like home.

Staff members are on site and available 24 hours a day to meet residents’ needs. Heritage Oaks also offers on-site therapy, lab, home health and pharmacy services as well as aspiritual care program and menu-style dining.

On behalf of TRISUN Healthcare, I would like to thank the many people who work in assisted living—particularly those who work in TRISUN communities— for the important work they do every day. I also want to express gratitude to our residents for choosing us and to their families for trusting us to take care of their loved ones.


Jim Gilliam

President, Long-Term Care Division

Harden Healthcare