Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

January 24, 2014

Letters to the Editor 1/25/14

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Thanks for support

To the Editor: I would like to express The Corsicana Vendors Day greatest gratitude to several different people that went above and beyond to ensure that this event was able to go on as it was scheduled this past week.

My vendors — some that drive more than two hours to get to Corsicana — were amazed at how everyone pulled together to  make the Corsicana Vendors Day, day happen.  

To Glenn Stewart and the Remington Road House Crew, we thank you. Without your stepping in at the last minute and offering us the use of your facility we would have had to cancel an event that is the livelihood to so many.  

To the Corsicana Daily Sun, we thank you. Without your stepping in and getting our ad changed to ensure that the Corsicanians would know where we would be located at the last minute this day would have been a disaster.

To Miss Nellie and the Corsicana Area Chamber of Commerce for  changing the location on the website, for blasting us on their page and in emails to all member to let them know of the change, we thank you.

It is so heart  warming to know that there are still wonderful caring people out there that are willing to go above and beyond to see that an event is  able to go on.


Tammie McWhorter

Corsicana Vendors Day