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October 26, 2012

Letters to the Editor


Corsicana — Servant leadership in law enforcement

After 32 years in Law Enforcement for a large DFW metropolitan police dept., a member of the safety committee for a subdivision Homeowners Association adjacent to Richland Chambers Lake, and now a full time resident of Navarro County, I would like to take this opportunity to commend the hard-working men and women of the Navarro County Sheriff’s Department for their superb plan and service to many residents and various subdivision homeowners for their efforts to eradicate and solve our problems of thefts, burglaries, and narcotics in this large land mass.

It made sense to me, at the time, to contact Capt. Elmer Tanner regarding the narcotics information I received because he was responsible for the narcotics unit and also because of his reputation among DFW police agencies as being sterling, as well as working with him in the past. AFter a lengthy conversation, a “plan” was hatched to address the narcotics problem, and to my surprise as well as the thefts and burglaries. Unknown to me the “plan” was carried out that night and still continues to this day with remarkable results and the criminal element going where they belong — to jail.

I was told by a long-time resident of Navarro County a while back, and I quote, “Tanner is honest, he tells the truth, and his word is his bond — and he ain’t selling junk bonds.” We all have found out in the short term and long term how true this quote has become.

We all wanted to write a letter of commendation to the county commissioners regarding Capt. Elmer Tanner and some how he got wind of this and left me a voicemail that stated the following: “My philosophy of leadership stems from servant leadership. I will take all the heat, criticism, complaints and critiques for this department, and will give all the credit, recognition, and awards to the employees and citizens for this relationship we’re about to establish. Please write about them, not me.”


Okay, Capt. Tanner, we will: Thank you Sgt. Darrell Waller, Capt. Hank Bailey, Sgt. Hightower, Officer Lewis, and a host of other officers I have probably left out, for which I apologize.

As for you, Capt. Tanner, you are truly a servant leader and the residents of this county will know shortly your plans to address their desires, concerns, fears, and hopes for a better and safer county because I have seen your walk, not your talk, and I can assure you it ain’t junk bonds you’re selling.

David Hooper

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