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July 21, 2012

Letters to the Editor 7/22/12

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Political preferences

To the Editor: Citizens of Precinct 1, the race for Precinct 1 commissioner is rapidly coming to a close, with the early voting starting July 23-27 and the runoff election on July 31.

I have known Jason Grant for many years as a business owner and friend, and he has done a tremendous job on the Corsicana Police force as a detective, dedicated to working for the people of Corsicana solving crimes. His commitment to his job and the people of Corsicana, has earned him respect from the police department as well as all of the people who know him and associate themselves with him at church, school and all of the civic events that he has worked.

I'm excited that he has run a quality race for this office and support him 100 percent as he works to move our county forward as a commissioner, and to manage our county’s treasury in a conservative manner. Please join me in supporting Jason Grant for the commissioner for Precinct 1 in Navarro County.

Eddie Moore

To the Editor: I am grateful that we have two quality candidates running for the office of County Commissioner of Precinct 1.

My vote will be for Darrell Shelton — based on his qualifications, experience, maturity and character.

Darrell was the youngest of three sons showing he knows something about competing and standing his ground. His father served in public office as the Navarro County Sheriff. This gives Darrell some insights into the sacrifices a person and their family goes through to serve in public office. One of the qualifications mentioned in scripture for leadership in the church is found in I Timothy 3:4 and states that a man should rule his own household well before he assumes leadership. Darrell raised and educated a son and daughter that are now responsible, productive citizens and is a loving and devoted husband to his wife Cindy. This will serve him well in conducting the county’s business.

Darrell studied at Tarleton State University and has taught in public schools for 27 years — the last three as the head of the Science Department coordinating and planning curriculums, budgets, goals and activities. These experiences give Darrell insights into administration, working with people, rules, bureaucracy, and implementing and evaluating plans and programs.

His 35 years of experience in operating heavy equipment in road construction and maintenance gives him firsthand knowledge and experience to train and supervise precinct crews,  purchase and maintain equipment, and work with citizens to determine practical needs of construction and maintenance.

Darrell’s involvement through church and community activities show his commitment to serve his fellow man and to strive for the betterment of our community.

My vote will be for Darrell Shelton for County Commissioner of Precinct 1 and I encourage you to join me in supporting Darrell on July 31.


Mike Gage

To the Editor: I am writing to support Jason Grant for Republican candidate for Navarro County Commissioner Precinct 1.

Our family has known Jason for 36 years. We moved to this area after retiring from the military. Jason was a good friend to our late son, Johnnie Derden. He was always a happy, energetic young man. He, our son, and younger daughter did a lot of fishing and hunting in the Chatfield area. We have pictures of them holding big catfish they had pulled out of the creek on trot lines. Our children had never been able to do things like that because we were always moving, often living in other countries. Jason took them fishing and hunting, while at the same time keeping us all entertained with his wonderful sense of humor. Jason was also  there with us the night our son Johnnie passed away. He shared our shock, pain, and grief. Through it all, he has remained a very good and loyal friend to us. My husband and I know firsthand that Jason was raised with good, strong family values and a wonderful work ethic. He and his family are now living in the house that Jason and his father built.

Jason loves his home, his friends, and this community. His roots go deep in Navarro County. We have no doubt that Jason is capable of being our commissioner and that he already has many good plans to improve and preserve this area. This is a job that he will take very seriously and be very responsible as we have always known him to be.

Please join us and our daughters, Sandra Bailey and Linda Derden, in voting for Jason Grant, Navarro County Commissioner Precinct 1.

You go, Jason!


Johnnie and Bobbie Derden

To the Editor: I would like to recommend Darrell Shelton for Navarro County Commissioner Precinct 1.

I have known Darrell for over 25 years. I taught in the Corsicana ISD with Darrell and his wife, Cindy. In teaching their two children, you learn much about a family.

Not only does Darrell know how to work with the public, he has had many years of experience in the construction business.

He is honest, a hard worker and a devout Christian young man. I have no reservations in recommending him to the public office of Navarro County Commissioner, Precinct 1.

Patty Knauth

To the Editor: Can an opinion be a fact as well? The answer to this question is yes it can. I will tell you why it can. First, one word used to describe Jason Grant. That word is dedicated, second word is committed, and service minded. I will tell you how I know for a fact that these are all Jason Grant.

When I say or hear the word dedicated I honestly think of Jason Grant. I have seen him with his family since his oldest child was a toddler. I have seen him at work and out in the community working. He was doing what it took to solve a case and then be with family. Jason is able to get it done. He is relentless when on a mission.  

When I hear the word committed I also think of Jason Grant. I was a former co-worker of his and I have seen how he puts himself into his work. I no longer work with him, but there were many times our children were going to play together and had to reschedule because he had to stay and work on a case. Jason Grant is not a quitter by any means.  

When I hear the words service minded, I know for a fact that Jason Grant will do our community more than good. He is more than qualified with maintaining road and bridges and operating machinery. He is able to do the books and maintain a budget and still get out and interact with the community. He knows what kind of job he is facing and still is up for the task. That says so much to the people in government. Jason Grant raises the bar. We as a community will show that we raise the bar by electing Jason Grant.

Nicole Davis

To the Editor: A few years ago, I learned until you've lived on a crushed rock county road, you have no idea what it is like.

We lived only a short distance from Darrell Shelton and his family for several years, and they still live on that road. I think that alone is almost enough to qualify him to be our new Precinct 1 Commissioner.  

When you couple that with his extensive road construction background, his experience working with people and budgets, and his all-around decency, it makes sense to elect him in the run-off election.

Early voting at the Navarro County Courthouse basement is July 23 through July 27, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and election day is July 31, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

I hope you will join my husband and me voting for Darrell Shelton.


Mary Jane Plemons

Health Care debate

To the Editor: In reference to the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the constitutional challenge to the Affordable (Health) Care Act and the opinions expressed in the June 29 and July 5 issues of the Corsicana Daily Sun, many people cannot afford healthcare and it is still a problem.

Even before Obama’s healthcare program was passed by the Democrat Congress in March 2010, the shortage of primary care physicians in the U. S. was “already a catastrophic crisis” per Joseph Stubbs, president of the American College of Physicians. Family care physicians are underpaid, therefore fewer are entering medical school, and fewer will become medical care specialists. The application of ObamaCare will only make the situation worse by increasing the number of patients by 30 million more people, and “the supply of doctors just won’t be there for them,” says Stubbs (Bloomberg News, Nov. 13, 2009) Obama’s incentives for medical school graduates to enter family practice or internal medicine are superficial — not enough to cover the costs.

At the same time, ObamaCare patient decisions will not be made on medical grounds, rather bureaucrats will determine the cost/benefit of human lives, holding doctors accountable for the costs of treatment. Obama’s program has $500 billion in cuts to Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals, driving them out of business, resulting in lower quality care and longer waiting times.

The U.S. Supreme Court decision to classify ObamaCare as a tax increase (the President said a mandate to purchase insurance is not a tax) will fall primarily upon young people and poor people, who cannot afford it. With the Medicaid provision struck down by the Court, allowing states not to participate, the government will not be there to help middle and low income families, who have to pay a larger percentage of their income for insurance or pay a large fine.

Expanded coverage, such as for pre-existing conditions, may sound good, but not when it is backed by a federal government with nearly at $4 trillion debt — a very dangerous pre-existing condition.

The entire Affordable Care Act must be repealed and replaced with a market-based system with better freedom of conscience.


Steven L. Jessup