Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

February 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor 2/2/13

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Scouts gave in

To the Editor: Add the Boy Scouts of America to the unfortunate but growing list of moral-based organizations that have sold out by giving in to immoral-based pressure to completely abandon the very principles and beliefs that their organization was founded upon.

The recent decision by Scout officials to consider removing the long-standing ban on gay lifestyle individuals as leaders should be exposed for exactly what it is.

This was a business decision and nothing more. A business decision based upon considering the risks associated with bad publicity. Unrelenting pressure taken public was the strategic move by the opposition, and it worked.

The parents who do not want their son possibly exposed to the viewpoints of someone of questionable lifestyle choices in a leadership role have to be asking, how has this happened? And they, like others, have to wonder if their opinion or rights even matter anymore.

The hypothetical question that should be addressed to the gay and lesbian leaders still reveling in their latest victory — if religious leaders applied that same relentless public pressure on them to abandon their convictions and beliefs, wouldn’t they consider that demand an insult?

The Boy Scouts of America should have taken that approach.

David Beal


On guns and such

To the Editor: Back in our childhood days, my good friend Dutch and I spent the day at his grandfather’s farm at Union High in Navarro County.

His grandfather allowed us to use his single-shot .410 shotgun for hunting rabbits and squirrels.

It wasn’t until age 30, in 1973, that I purchased a gun — a 30-30 deer rifle.

A friend invited me to go on a hunting trip in October 1973 at Ouray, Colo. The first day I shot a spike at about 100 yards with one round.

Two days later, I shot a timber-buck with another single round. A total of two rounds during our week-long trip.

It is a poor hunter who requires an assault weapon to bring down his prey, and it must be a terribly frightened and insecure individual who thinks he needs one for self-defense.

So much for the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Jim Basham


Man’s best friend

To the Editor: Please do not dump your unwanted dogs on the side of the road. I don’t think the people who do this realize all the consequences of their actions, and the pain and suffering they are responsible for. Maybe if they were, they would spay and neuter their pets, so there would be fewer unwanted animals.

Our beloved, athletic, loving, playful Havanese, named Nugget, was killed Jan. 11 by a pack of stray dogs. He was a member of our family, and we are still very much in mourning. The stray dogs that irresponsible people dump along county roads are not exactly “wild.” They do not know how to hunt, and usually starve to death. Those that survive may become vicious, and will mistake a small athletic dog for a prey animal. Please, if you do not want your dog, at least take it to the Animal Shelter.

There is a reason dogs are called “Man’s best friend.” Consider the debt we owe our four-legged friends, and how their company makes us human.

C. David Eagle