Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

April 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor 4/6/13

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Second amendment thoughts

To the Editor: RE:  Obama presses for gun measures

President Obama calls for background checks on all gun purchases. That sounds just great at first thought, but we all have to remember that the hoods, crooks, killers, and just plain bad people aren't going to be doing any background checks.  They don't buy guns, they steal them.  

Obama ought to know about that more than anybody, since he's from Chicago, which has the largest crime and murder rate in the nation. I have never heard of any attempt to get this under control.  

Maybe, he could clean up Chicago first, use that as an example, instead of going through the disguise of having all the law abiding citizens in the United States go through background checks, while the low life are still shooting, killing, and stealing and no concern is shown to that tragedy.

Barbara A. Whitfield