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November 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor 11/9/13

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Feedback time

To the Editor: In response to Mr. Charles Lennon’s Letter to the Editor on Nov. 2, I would like to add one other trait that shows a “lack of integrity” — the assassination of another person’s character by insinuations, speculation and your particular beliefs.

I am sure that Mr. Lennon did not have any one person in mind when he wrote that living a lie was using a fake social security number, not having a legitimate birth certificate that could be found by Gov. Abernathy of Hawaii, was a foreign student in college, was adopted as a Muslim from Indonesia, and is a fraud. This sounds like things I have heard about our President without facts to back them up.

Surely Mr. Lennon did not want us to think he was talking about our President when he wrote this. This would be a lack of integrity in my mind. Letters to the Editor should be factual, truthful and provable.

Bill Hicks


Socialism knocking

To the Editor: Karl Marx stated that the best way to take a country into a socialistic society is by socializing medicine. Socialistic medicine gets people dependent on the government. From socialistic medicine it spreads to other parts of society. “Obamacare” is a big step in that direction.

Facts show that some 49 percent of our population now receives a monthly government check of some form (Source: U.S. Census).

Our politicians used extreme measures to get “Obamacare” enacted into law. As an example, one politician — Louisiana Senator Mary Laudriux — was promised $300,000,000 for her state in exchange for her vote. “Obamacare” is not about health care, it is about power.

Socialism did not  just begin under President Obama; it began noticeably under President Woodrow Wilson. It got a big boost under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and President Lyndon Johnson helped it along with his war on poverty. “Obamacare” will take the movement a step further.  

Writers and some politicians have stated that “Obamacare” will comprise some one-sixth of our nation’s economy when fully implemented. Is that what the politicians and liberals really want?

It has been said that the media forms the fourth branch of our government and perhaps the most influential. They could stop the slide toward socialism if they so desired. What would patriots like Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry say about our present state of affairs? Would they be proud of us?

How about let’s stop the state of free fall before it is too late.

Grover Pearson


Obamacare opinion

To the Editor: I saw a friend of mine in town a week or so ago, he said "Why don't you ever write to the ‘Sun’ about Obamacare?"

Well, just what do we know about it? When buying anything, the first thing we do is check into it. Nancy Pelosi said “None of us know what’s in it, just buy it and find out later.” Does she really think we are that stupid?  

For some reason, hardly anything is being said about what it covers. I find that strange, don't you? President Obama promised that if we like our present insurance, we can keep it. Surprise. Now a lot of people are being canceled by their present health insurance they are happy with. I guess they think we are too dumb to know what's best for our families. They think people in their 60s need maternity insurance and people that don't drink or take drugs, must buy substance abuse coverage.   

I hate to say that our President lied to us, but call it whatever you like, he is determined that everyone be on Obamacare. It was suppose to be cheaper than our present coverage, but now people are finding out it will cost hundreds of dollars more per month, plus higher deductibles. This is his idea of federally regulated and standardized national health insurance.

The Washington politicians get their own insurance, taxpayer paid, why don't they want to change to Obamacare, since they said is so good? I've heard that Obamacare will be the largest transfer of wealth in recent American history.

Last but not least — how would you like to send all your personal, financial information, social security numbers, health information to Washington?

That's a scary thought.

Barbara A. Whitfield

Impeachment request

To the Editor: Spoiled by over 200 years of independence, Americans are awakening to a primary communist ideology, “The end justifies the means.”  

To accomplish the fundamental transformation promised by the President, collective Democrats, on the wrong side of history, have nationalized healthcare. The result is millions of people, many sick and dying, have lost their health coverage and their doctors because of requirements in the Affordable Care Act.

Russia bragged that socialized medicine was the keystone to building a socialist nation and used guns and knives to bring it about. For Democrats, the “means” was deliberately deceiving and lying to trusting voters, and was “justified” by the elite dictators who knew what was best for us while exempting themselves. The “end” is total control of our property, guns, lives, liberty and unhappiness — the loss of sovereignty, independence, and precious freedoms for which our finest troops fought and died.

Write your Congressman and demand they file articles of impeachment.

Charles Lennon