Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

April 12, 2013

Letters to the Editor 4/13/13

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Concerned with plan

To the Editor: I was appalled when I read your front page article in Wednesday's paper (April 10) stating that the downtown businesses planned to serve wine and cheese to shoppers on April 25. The line, "In addition to offering wine and cheese (a few are only offering iced tea and cheese), the stroll will include late hours," struck me as very condescending to those who were only offering iced tea.  

It is a sad day that wine has become the symbol of great hospitality.

It is well known that the bubbly is offered to loosen the purse strings. It loosens the tongue and morals, becoming a detriment to the people involved.  

We teach our young people that alcohol is not to be touched, but advertise that adults can only have a good time if they include a drink at their event. How double-tongued we are, and actions speak louder than words.

My hat is off to those who are going to only serve iced tea. May their tribe increase and may they prosper greatly.  

They will be honored for their convictions.

Lucy Waterman


Disagrees on guns

To the Editor: Barbara A Whitfield’s April 7 Letter to the Editor said that hoods, low lifes, and scums steal guns, but never purchase a firearm at gun shows or at a local firearms business.

Not true.

She was being critical of President Obama's push for legislation on background checks in order to purchase a weapon. Gangs receive guns of all types at gun shows and business establishment. Gang member's wives purchase guns as part of their marriage commitment. Confirmed in Dallas Morning News on April 7 in editorial of gang violence in Texas.

From 2003-2008 I was employed at TDC as a correctional officer at three different prison locations. Gangs are affiliated in all TDC units throughout State of Texas.

Do not ever insult a Gang Affiliate or Name of a Gang on Facebook. Facebook tells where you live including your relatives.

Gangs have great sources of income and are very well organized.

Jim Basham