Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

May 21, 2012

Letters to the Editor 5/20/12

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Street talk

To the Editor: I live on Forrest Lane and the road will be so nice when completed.

 The sidewalks will make it safer for everyone; joggers, families pushing strollers, kids riding bikes, students walking to and from school. It will be wonderful until they run into the mailboxes that are in the middle of the sidewalk. They will have to dodge either into the street or into yards. Does this not defeat the purpose of having sidewalks?

Sidewalks by the curb work great on 7th. But in a residential area with mailboxes on the curb not so well. What if the post for the boxes need to be replaced? The sidewalk will be dug up to put in a new post. Will it be replaced right? Your guess is as good as mine.

I have tried to come up with what they were thinking. Am I the only one to see this problem?  Let's hope the people in charge take a long (or short) look at the sidewalks and re-think whats going on here. Again, sidewalks will be nice if there are no obstruction in the way.


Beverly Back

Appreciates article

To the Editor: Deanna, my husband and I have been so blessed by your writings. Everything you do is quality and heart. Since returning to the Daily Sun,  you have become an instrument of God,  shining hope and peace for the citizens of Corsicana. Bless you!

We especially appreciate your story of Jesus, as He is the mission of this street evangelist. Obadiah Franklin was not the story, but God ordained that YOU be the hands and feet of God to tell the greatest story there is to tell on the front pages of the Daily Sun. What a privilege! What hope!

We heard Obadiah preach in every service at our church, Word Alive. Many people received life changing Jesus on the streets and people were still making decisions for Christ until 11 p.m. on Wednesday night in our service. Corsicana is better because Obadiah came here. Our mission continues in our hometown to share hope for all people whose lives touch ours and those the Lord takes us to.

He alone can fill the needs of a persons heart and life.

 Betty Bibb