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July 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor 7/6/13

Protest protest

To the Editor: Hundreds of protestors disrupted the Texas Senate legislative proceedings as the special session closed at midnight June 25. Their yelling and chanting delayed the Texas Senate vote on SB 5, which passed just before the midnight deadline, but did not have time to be signed, so the measure automatically failed despite a 19-10 vote in favor.

This well-financed and well-executed chaos in the Texas Senate Chamber of the Texas Capitol was characteristic of the angry Occupy Wisconsin capitol group in 2011. They were un-elected, yet they succeeded in intimidating our elected state legislators whom represent us, and interrupted the legislative process without setting foot on the floor of the debate. President Barack Obama sent out a Twitter message, supporting the unruly mob, urging them on.

This anarchy should concern every Texan and every American. What is at stake is the democratic constitutional process of passing legislation, being derailed by a minority of voters. In this month’s UT-Austin/Texas Tribune statewide survey, 62 percent of respondents supported the prohibition of abortions after 20 weeks.

As we celebrate the Founding Fathers’ vision for self-government with the July 4 holiday, will we have established order by rule of law, or be governed by those who scream the loudest and obtain the most media attention? Call your state representative and state senator’s offices, to thank them for supporting legislation that will make healthcare safer for women and end late-term abortions.

We have chosen our elected leaders to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, where every human life is valuable.


Steven L. Jessup

Garbage talk

To the Editor: I do not understand. A few years ago, Allied Waste picked up all the garbage I placed on the curb on Monday and Friday. There was really no limit. The truck would drive down my street one time and one guy would get one side of the street, and the other guy would get the other side. They picked up the bags, or dumped the cans, and went.

Now, I see a truck drive down one side of the street to “auto dump” a container of a limited size, and then turn around and rive down the other side of the street to get the rest of them.

Then, another truck drives down to get the recyclables - same thing.

On Mondays only. In my mind, that is four times the road wear for half the service.

And what’s with the “random drivers?” As I write this, it is Wednesday. This guy is driving the truck around for what?

“Special pickup?” Why is that required?

I guess these roll containers … just don’t hold enough for a week. Need to get two of them - twice the fun.

Maybe five times the road wear? Just call me stupid.


Paul Merr

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    June 11, 2012

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