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April 21, 2012

Letters to the Editor 4/22/12

The United Way Social Service Committee along with Corsicana Ministerial Alliance sponsored a presentation at Northside Baptist Church Monday night.  A crowd of 80 individuals from churches and agencies all over Navarro County were in attendance.  Dr. Gaynor Yancey, Professor at Baylor University School of Social Work, formerly served 30 years in urban missions in Philadelphia, Penn.  Dr. Yancey presented “Legacies of Care,” which included concepts of how societies have helped through the ages and how these have shaped our traditions and attitudes of helping today.

Dr. Yancey shared the traditions and concepts of “helping” crafted from the cultures of Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Jewish societies as well as those from the early Christian church. The richness of this history influences many of our traditions and attitudes of how we think about or help those in poverty or need. Our behaviors sometimes are reminiscent of the age old story of the woman who cut the roast in half before cooking it because that is what her mother always did.  She never thought to ask her mother why she did this and it turned out the reason was because the mother’s pan was too small. This historical view of helping the poor and those in need hopefully will stimulate discussion and motivate us to ask significant questions such as:

On what do we base our foundation of helping? Are we aware of our attitudes regarding the worthy vs. unworthy poor? Do we choose to love those in need and help with no requirement or possibly judge them because their current situation must be the result of their own bad choices?  Do we help those who we deem worthy because they are “willing to work” and subsequently worthy of our help?  

This presentation stirred much discussion and possibly will motivate many to rethink “why” we help the way we do or possibly do not help at all.  If you or your church is interested in a Legacies of Care presentation please contact Bro. Floyd Petersen, Ministerial Alliance President or email

— Pam Crawford, United Way Social Service Committee Chair

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    June 11, 2012

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