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December 14, 2012

Letters to the Editor 12/15/12

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Make Big Alcohol pay

To the Editor: An alcohol excise tax increase of $182.5 billion over ten years is a major step back from the edge of the fiscal cliff.

Did you know that since 1991 Big Alcohol lobbying has resulted in our country losing $57 billion in revenue? Or that a new alcohol tax increase could help fill nearly 12 percent of the president's revenue portion of the nation's ten-year deficit reduction goal?

It's all true and it's time to tell our national leaders to hold Big Alcohol accountable and get them to pay their fair share while helping to reduce the deficit. The catastrophe of alcohol-related harm will be reversed with a 10 cent spirits tax increase, 15 cents on beer and 18 cents on wine.

Alcohol consumption annually costs American society 79,000 lives and $223.5 billion in harm of which government's share is $94.2 billion.

Alcohol is unlike other products because consuming it causes great harm to the general public and great costs to government. Alcohol Justice believes that $182.5 billion in new alcohol tax revenue over 10 years is a fair contribution to deficit reduction that will help the country avoid health and safety spending cutbacks.

Contact your congress representative and tell them it is time for the alcohol industry to pay for their costs to our economy.

Alvis Reeves

IMPACT Navarro

A well-deserving tribute

To the Editor: I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Sheriff Leslie Cotten for his friendship and his dedication to Navarro County and the State of Texas for his unselfish loyalty to serve and protect all of us.

His leadership as Sheriff of Navarro County for 20 years has earned him a historic place as a new generation of legendary lawmen that have served our area. Les carried himself with the down to earth, common sense values that were evident from the teaching of his parents and role models growing up.

It is not easy to handle the terrific responsibilities and the decisive commitment and decisions that come with being the top lawman in the county. Les did so with dignity and respect and certainly carries a good name and character to his retirement.

I had a unique privilege to serve with Les from the beginning of his law enforcement career, through the ups and downs of bringing outlaws to justice, all the way to this present time. We often enjoy talking about the olden days of our careers and the remarkable experiences, famous people we met and good friends we made. These experiences are priceless and a privilege that not many people can talk about.

Sheriff Les Cotten — we owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude. I pray that God will reward you now with peace and happiness and a well-earned retirement.

Your friend and brother in Christ,

Lewis Palos

Open letter to Cook

To the Editor:

Dear Representative Cook,

I, like so many other conservatives have been very concerned about the direction in which our country has been heading since President Obama first took office in 2009. I have also been very concerned about the state of affairs in our beloved Texas.

As a voting Republican, I feel our party needs true conservative representation. You have shown citizens in House District 8 that you can lead in a conservative manner which brings me to my point — I have been listening and reading about our Texas Speaker of the House and I believe that he does not truly represent what we Texans feel is appropriate for someone in that position.

I know in past elections you have pledged your support to Speaker Straus and I hope that you have decided not to do so this time.

Can you please take a few minutes of your time and allow me, your constituent, a response to the question — Will you stand for conservative principle and say "no" to Speaker Straus?

Thank you for your time and thank you in advance for a reply.

An informed citizen in Navarro County,

Carol Doucet

Guide question

To the Editor: First I want to commend the Corsicana Daily Sun on its attempt to keep us up to date on the goings on in our community. There are times I would like it to be in there a little earlier and times I would like more of it, but at least you try.

“Friday Night Flashback” is an interesting and informative section about sports in our area. A section that our young athletes will keep and cherish forever.

The new magazines that we receive are quite enjoyable and something to look forward to. There are interesting articles about local events, stories on the history of our area and fun interviews with local celebrities.

But — what is the deal with the TV Guide? It is Sunday morning and I have no idea when the Cowboys play. The day time section has been taken out of our TV Guide, it is no longer there. I decided to go and look at the sports “this week” section — it’s not there either. (As a last resort I pulled the Saturday Sports section out of the wastebasket and there was nothing about the Cowboys there either.)

Not all people in our community are computer literate and rely on their TV Guide for day time viewing information.

Now what are we supposed to do — put our television on channel 14 to see what’s on? That’s what I’m doing now, I’ve got it on 14, trying to find out what time the Cowboys play and what station to put it on.

I have decided to be like Mrs. Samuels. She felt free to complain about the loss of the comics. I am going to feel free to complain about the loss of the day time section of the TV Guide.

Thank you,

Betsy Bradford Engelbracht