Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

May 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor 5/25/13

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Save the Garden

To the Editor: For almost 25 years I have been working on saving and beautifying my building at the corner of Third Avenue and Beaton Street, not only for myself but for all of the community to enjoy.

Over the years the garden and fountain on the side of the building have become a favorite location for our citizens to enjoy as a city park. Sadly, the sidewalk area has been falling to pieces and people have been getting hurt due to crumbling and oversized concrete pieces still left from the city taking out the old parking meters.

The city is stating that the only way they can fix this problem is to tear down the garden and fountain area and put in solid concrete from the street to the side of the building. It distresses me to think the city would rather tear up a place of beauty in our town than to just improve the existing area.

This landscape has been used as a backdrop on countless occasions for photos to commemorate proms, graduations, weddings, senior pictures and more.

The city has recently installed banners proudly depicting a photo of the fountain to welcome people as they enter Corsicana.

Please help show your support for preserving this place of beauty in our beloved town by calling your city councilman or official. Thank you for joining my plea to the city to protect what so many of us consider a picturesque asset of Downtown Corsicana.


Owner and resident Tom Adams at Victorian Sample

Taxing concern

To the Editor: Warning to homeowners in the Navarro County Appraisal District: Property valuations for tax purposes are unfairly being tremendously increased.  

In Angus, my property was increased by $17,530 although I have made no improvements the past 10 years and the mortgage was already underwater from the last bubble.  

Four storage sheds, some from the 1970s and all in disrepair, were obviously claimed to be new, as was my carport built in the 1970s. None of these were inspected.  

Even if your taxes are frozen, eventually the appraisals will make it difficult to sell the property. File a protest. Take pictures. Do not go alone. Do not sign an acceptance. Demand to be heard.  

The appraiser has evidently been warned that his job is on the line if the county does not get enough money for all the projects you didn't get to vote on...

Let your voice be heard while you still can.

Charles Lennon

Appreciates support

To the Editor: Angels of Corsicana Troop Support held their semi-annual fundraiser of BBQ, Bake and Garage Sale on the first weekend of this month. Thanks to the tremendous support, it was a great success. All of these funds help pay the monthly postage bill for shipments to troops who are deployed and who are also related to someone in Navarro County.

Special thanks to Dollar General, Riley Transport, and other local businesses. A special thank you also goes to members of the local Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1009 Navarro Rifles for their donations and volunteers.

Food that was left was carried to the firemen on duty Saturday evening at Station 1. Other items remaining were given to Family Services and The Salvation Army. Several boxes of appropriate items, such as new pillows, were carried to West on the following Tuesday. And as always, plastic bags that were not needed were delivered to the Food Pantry Ministry.

To the thieves who stole the BBQ smoker: You not only stole from the local community, but also from the troops who go in harm’s way on your behalf every day.

Bah humbug!!

Marlene Bartosh


Remembering veterans

To the Editor: Memorial Day — the time we stop and remember those that made this the land of the free. Please drive slowly through the Kerens Cemetery to remember those that gave some, and those that gave all for us. And, please thank these individuals who placed flags on the heroes’ graves: Lelia Cossey, Kim Spencer, Rita West, Barbara Latta, Tommy and Tresa Darby, Janie Quinn, and Christi Thomas.

If any veteran you know does not have his or her flag, please call Lelia Cossey at (903) 396-2652 or Ruby Stovall at (903) 851-6440.


Lelia Cossey