Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

April 28, 2012

Letters to the Editor 4/29/12

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Grateful for support

To the Editor: On Saturday, April 7 the Residents’ Council of Friendship Towers II had an Easter Fund Raiser Carnival and egg hunt. We had egg hunts, a bounce house, food, baked goods and several gift raffles and etc. . We consider this a big success.

We would like to thank everyone who came out and helped us celebrate. We would like to thank our volunteers and our sponsors for all the baked goods, time and donations. Our sponsors were: A-Trinity Valley Home Health & Therapy, Advance America — Lana Warren, Applebee’s, Brookshires, Canterbury Couture, Chili’s, China One Seafood Buffet, Cinergy Cinema, Collin Street Bakery, Community National Bank & Trust, Corley Funeral Home, Corsicana Parks and Recreation Sharla Allen director and Jeff Whitehead Superintendent, Cotton Patch Cafe, Country Meadows Nursing and Rehab Center, Denny’s Restaurant, Dickey’s Pit BBQ, Don Jose’s Restaurant, Dr. Frank Means, Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Dustin and Janet Peterson, Family Care of Texas — Monica Botello, Family First Hospice, Fiesta Grill Restaurant, Guardian Healthcare Healthwise, HEB, Jordan HealthService, and La Pradera Mexican Restaurant. Also sponsoring were Little Caesar’s Pizza, Office Depot — Phillip Hudnall, Lisa Pyle, Old Mexican Inn, Ole Foods, Sirloin Stockade, Syd Reynolds, The Home Depot, Triple J Bounce Houses, Twilight Nursing Home, Two Doors Down Coffee, Wal-Mart — Kevin Schultz and Haley Clower, Wendy Vasquez, Woodforest Bank — Gina Jock and Bank employees. We also want to thank the Corsicana Daily Sun for coming out and taking pictures and to KAND Radio for the announcements about our event. And to all who helped make our event a success, Thank you!


The Residents’ Council of Friendship Towers II

Jeannette Whitehead, secretary

Zero tolerance

To the Editor: I've said it before and I'm going to say it again. No one should be bullied.  There should be zero tolerance in the schools — three strikes and the bully is out.  

#1 Call the parents to pick up the bully immediately.  

#2  Send a certified letter to the bully's parents that the child will be sent to an alternative school if their child bullys again.  

#3  The bully is not allowed back in this school again and sent to an alternative school.

That might get the attention, not only of the parents, but also of the one doing the bullying. Maybe other parents will start to take notice and do a little more disciplining at home.

Barbara A. Whitfield

A student’s view

To the Editor: Why does our government think that to lower our debt we should spend more and more money each year?

I am not suggesting blaming our debt on the president because congress controls the government spending, but even I can see that bringing new programs and passing new laws takes money to carry forward. The question is who is fiscally responsible for America's big spending in times of great federal deficit?

Congress has a great deal in the mix, but how can we let the president go without questioning why did he not veto? Big spending is our problem, we cut spending to save America from being worthless.

Is it the programs that help the poor, or the programs that save the big businesses from bankruptcy? It is obvious who will suffer from our debt so why is it that the older generation is not helping out for the spending and borrowing they accumulated.

It is not them who are going to suffer it is their children and children's children who are going to starve and go hungry.

Let all of us start now paying back the debt so someday we can be fiscally stable and the country we once were to the eyes of others. There are many options to help this problem from growing; one controversial spending problem is that of welfare. America could be stricter and require a payback method, that way those who abuse the system can be weaned from the system and forced to find jobs.

I am only a mere student but I can see the cuts that have already happened in the more important places such as education. The day where American cuts education is a day where America should weep, because the uneducated will be taking care of you in the future.

Billi Billings