Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

June 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor 6/17/12

Corsicana Daily Sun

— The debate continues

To the Editor: I applaud Mayor McClanahan’s positive position regarding the proposed power plant in Navarro County. While certainly not opposed to reasonable environmental protection measures, we have extensive Texas State and Federal agencies to manage those issues. Having dealt with these as well as other such agencies most of my adult life, I can assure you that they are thorough, determined, dedicated, and most important, qualified to address environmental concerns. It is disturbing to observe the politicizing of issues like the Navarro County natural gas driven power plant, the Canada to Texas oil transport pipeline, as well as other economically sound and environmentally vetted endeavors.

I have become accustomed to well lighted areas, a comfortable home, using an automobile, a dependable food supply and many other comforts of life that are provided by our industrialized nation. The thought of living in a lessor developed part of the world does not excite me — but, it is an open option to anyone.


Tom Purifoy, ChE, PE

To the Editor: My letter, if you care to call it that, is in response to the letter or article in the June 10 edition of the Corsicana Daily Sun concerning the opposition to the construction of an electric generating plant in Navarro County.

With all the pollution that seems to be in the air and the additional pollution that COPPS allegedly says will be added if a plant is built, then the only solution I can see is that everyone should get in their homes, close all windows and doors in order to keep out the bad air and stay there.

As soon as everyone in Texas hears about this idea, they will also do the same and no power plants will be built. With no power plants this brings up the problem of no electricity. It is going to be very uncomfortable in your home during summer with no air conditioning and cold in the winter with no heat. April and May will be nice as you sit in your closed up homes.

What about bathing and cooking? We certainly do not want to bathe and use up our lake water. We will have trouble cooking unless we have a gas stove but that will heat your house up and besides with no electricity to run our clocks, how are we to know when it is time to eat. I guess you could use your barbecue but that would only add to the pollution.

I think maybe we should try to build not one, but three or four generating plants. That would be about as preposterous as COPPS and this letter.

Almost sincerely,

Joe Nussbaum

P.S. I wanted this letter to be unsigned, but I did not know how to spell anonymous.

To the Editor: Jesus It’s All Right With Me.

After reading Vicky Prater’s June 10 Corsicana Daily Sun’s guest commentary, I think it would be all right for Jesus Christ to build a new Jerusalem, and its accompanying power plants, in Navarro County as long as they:

1 — locate in the far Southeast reaches of our county;

2 — locate next to the Trinity River;

3 — extract power plant water from the Trinity; and

4 — most importantly, direct their power plant pollution east — to drift to the next county.

And, certainly we know power plants of prayer can be mightly strong.

C. Robert Keathley


To the Editor: The U. S. Supreme Court will this month deliver its verdict on President Barack Obama’s health care law referred to as the Affordable Care Act. By overturning the AFC, Medicare prescription benefits for older people saving hundreds of dollars will be suspended. GOP Presidential candidate Romney has pledged to wipe Obama’s law off the books. The coverage for young adults up to age 26 on a parent’s health insurance is a popular provision that no one’s arguing about.

Does that include Romney?

As a single parent I made sure my two sons had health insurance coverage while they were in college. The oldest son married his senior year and was insured with his spouse, and youngest son elected to remain in college two additional years earning a MBA degree, and a 2nd Lt. commission with the U.S. Army ROTC program.

After he turned 22  years of age, I purchased an individual policy under my  Federal Health Insurance plan for him from 2002-2005, a period of 36 months. At $263 monthly for 36 months I was out of pocket $9,468.

If my youngest son was 22 years of age today, he could have remained on my Federal Health Insurance plan for a monthly additional cost of about $50, or a total $1,800. My total savings under President Barack Obama’s ACA law would have been $7,668.

I’m sure many of you Corsicana and Navarro County Republicans don’t consider $7,668 but “a drop in the bucket.” As for me, a hard working Democrat, $7,668 savings is a lot of money.

Jim Basham

Life-saving help

To the Editor: What began as a fun day feeding our cattle transitioned into a bad accident. We could not help ourselves at all.

While working with large bales of hay, Earl fell and was pinned upside down under the side of the hay hauler with his feet between two metal bars. I could not move Earl. We called on God who made all things and knows all things. He is always faithful to hear our cries and answer.

I also called the 9-1-1 operator, who began working hard to find where we were located due to the fact that we were working on private property outside of Corsicana in a large pasture.

After about 25 minutes, Earl began to lose consciousness. I then said “Lord, where are you? Please help Earl.” Deputy Keith Lewis and another man came running into the pasture where we were. Behind these men came the ambulance with two paramedics. They stayed with us and made sure there were no broken bones.

We owe our lives to them. May God bless them to overflowing. Thanks so much to all of you,

Gratefully, Virginia and Earl Bush

Missing sign sought

To the Editor: The citizens of Oak Valley Crime Watch would like to ask for the return of our "New" Oak Valley Lane road sign. The new sign was posted and stolen within a few days.

The sign was purchased to assist our residents and visitors as a visual aid in locating Oak Valley Lane in the evening time. There is no street light at the road and the turn sits on a steep curve.

Stealing our street sign is a Class B misdemeanor and carries a fine of up to $2000.00. We will offer a small cash reward for it's return, no questions asked.  

We  believe that stealing signs is not worth going to jail, having a criminal history and paying fines. Thank you.

Oak Valley Crime Watch

Please spay and neuter

To the Editor:

You came to us as a rescue — an emergency.

From an owner who left you to battle so much illness and neglect,

Your tiny frail kitten body could not overcome.

Six weeks of medical care could not reverse

The first six weeks of your little life.

Ravaged by ringworm and mange from too many animals

and no medical care.

We fought for your Life,

but we were too late in the game

To save this sweet little kitten.

Your name was Sparrow.

Linda Click

(Sparrow Fund set up with Dr. Waylon Ivie, Animal Care Clinic)

Thanks to TxDOT

To the Editor: Thank you to TxDOT and Darwin Myers for a job well done on the repairs of the highway damage at the railroad tracks on S. Bus. Hwy 45, under the overpass. The reponse from the entire community is a heartwarming thank you.

We are so pleased to have that area repaired. A need for many front-end repairs has been eradicated because of that crossing. It would be most appreciated if you would take a look at the possibility of expediting the completion of the project on Hwy. 31.

Thank you again for your helpful support provided for those repaires in an expedious manner. Even though I destroyed my front end going over that very crossing back in January.


Loyce Johnson


To the Editor: “Tetched” in the head I AM NOT. Been accused of that because I sit in the driveway a lot (in pretty weather) and wave to the people who drive up and down this street where I live. Most of the people will wave or honk. Nothing wrong with being friendly is what I think and so I will keep doing that as long as I am able. Sometimes friends will stop and chat and some have stopped and asked if I need help and I just tell them I am waving to be friendly.

The younger needs to ask grandma or grandpa what it means. May have to ask an aunt or uncle but some senior adult will surely know.

I enjoy this and sometimes “he” will come out and sit and wave too. Just keep coming by and wave or honk so we will know you want to be friendly too. Most people will know the person writing this so you can put any name as writer except my real name.


Eula Faye

Crash ready to happen

To the Editor: Your life is in danger each time you try to cross at the intersection of Northwood, North Beaton and 13th Street when traffic is heavy.

I pass through this intersection several times a day. I have witnessed many, many times a very close call or wreck. Someone is going to lose their life unless something is done to correct this problem.

For example, when you take a left off Northwood on to Beaton St., you must stop in the middle of the street to permit oncoming traffic from Beaton St., going north. It is very hard to view oncoming traffic.

This will probably fall on deaf ears but I feel I must alert our officials of this problem!

We need a light or some other solution to this danger.

Thank you for your attention,

Doris McGaugh