Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

March 1, 2013

Letters to the Editor 3/2/13

Corsicana Daily Sun

— When America was Free

To the Editor:

 I tell my grandchildren the story of when America was free,

about a time before them in the long lost land of liberty.

About a time before the government overruled our Christian faith,

before our churches were required to follow the dictates of the state.

In days gone by when prayers were said before sporting events,

and no American saw this as an offence.    

I tell them about a time before our leader apologized for our land,

before being proud of our nation was a thing to be banned.

In the land that was once free we slowly lost our liberties one by one,

the progressive liberals weren’t satisfied until their work was done.

My grandchildren learned when accountability and work was honorable,

and dependence upon the efforts of others was deemed intolerable.

They hear about a time before class warfare was the message of our administration,

and we all stood together without the least hesitation.

When the burning of our flag was a desecration and to patriotism a breach,

before it was accepted as an expression of free speech.

They hear of a bygone era when we held our children as our future and wealth,

now they are told many innocents must die for the cause of “women’s health”.

They hear about the hopes of our wise founding fathers and our Constitution,

 from SCOPE in our schools they now hear Socialism and Communism is the solution.

In our American home of the free we did as we pleased,

now our rights have been denied and our guns will be seized.

They are told that in days gone by that freedom rang from shore to shore,

 Then we gave our freedoms away, lost for now and possibly evermore.

As I look into their bright and shinning eyes I fear for their future time,

in the Land of the Free cruel Socialism has been raised to the sublime.

My last hope is that our grandchildren, yours and mine,

 by their efforts and love of country know liberty after our time.

Though too late for you and me,

I want our grandchildren to know that once upon a time America was free.

God Bless America

Logan Wilson


Sequestration thoughts

To the Editor: President Barack Obama and his officials are doing their best to drum up public concern over the shock wave of spending cuts.  

I don't think President Obama gets it yet.

The Republicans gave him the extra spending money in January he requested, stating in March they would need budget cuts. Most of our citizens know we need and must have spending cuts to survive this great nation we have. The outrageous spending has been out of control for 5 years and gets worse each year.  We know it. Why doesn't he know it? We know very well in our households if we overspend one month, it's almost impossible to catch up. It could become a pattern if not stopped right now.  

On the first day after the Inaugural why didn't all the Congress start cuts, easy ones, just start? Let the cutting begin. It's amazing that our President has refused to meet with Congress. Friday, March 1, was the first time he met with Congress since the election. He doesn't seem to have time or he doesn't like to talk too them, am not sure what's up. He loves to keep traveling to make his pitch around the country. Why doesn't he stay home, talk to the Democrats & Republicans, debate what is best for our country. Just get at it, get something done.  

Cut the darn spending.  

Barbara A. Whitfield


CISD school bond

To the Editor: Wonder where we people who live on a fixed income are going to get that extra tax money at?

 Wayne Tlustos

Editor’s note: People over 65 years of age will not see any increase in their school taxes.