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February 4, 2012

Letters to the Editor for 2/5/2012

Corsicana — Perception

To the Editor: I would like to express my thoughts on the article titled “NCSO recovers $100,000 in stolen vehicles, parts.”

There is a sentence that reads , “the vehicles were found a rural shop in a Hispanic area on the outskirts of Rice, Cotten said.”

I ask myself had this been found in another area, would you have written  “in a White, Black, Asian, Jewish area.” I hope you understand where I am going with this.

Whatever happened to just reporting the news, why is it necessary to inform the public of the ethnicity of the majority of people that live surrounding the property where the shop was. It is articles like this that lead readers to think that because you are Hispanic, live in Rice, then you must have known something about this operation or even be involved in it, in other words profiling.

I understand that this may have been the way it was said to the reporter, but I am sure that not everything that is said to a reporter during an interview always gets printed.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express my opinion.

Maria D. Hernandez

State of the Union

To the Editor: Regarding the “Game On” article in the Jan. 26, 2012, issue of the Corsicana Daily Sun, President Barack Obama desires to play by his own rules, by side-stepping the representatives of the American people in Congress to achieve his own socialist agenda.

This year will be the third time in four years the President has missed his statutory requirement to present a budget on time by Feb. 1. One would think he would be ready and eager to present his detailed plan for our nation’s financial future. With the record national debt now equal to 100 percent of our GNP, the President is unable to address Washington’s uncontrollable spending.

The nearly $1 trillion stimulus did not create jobs, but just went into the pockets of special interest groups who support the President. The creation of unions add expense to companies and send more jobs overseas. Withholding federal funds to force universities to lower tuitions makes as much sense as withholding federal subsidies from oil companies to force them to reduce profits. The cost will be passed on to the consumer. For the past three years, the President has taxed profitable companies who create jobs, and rewards tax money to those companies going out of business. Explain to me how that helps an economy.

On Jan. 1, 2013, the Bush tax cuts will expire and the debt ceiling will increase. Americans will see over $4 trillion in tax hikes. Tax reform should start here. The President seems to have forgotten that it was pressure from the Carter and Clinton administrations that forced banks to grant mortgages to people who could not afford them. Government intervention caused the financial crisis. Yet, the President openly admits he wants gasoline prices to remain high, so that his clean energy sources will be more competitive as alternative fuels.

The president’s “State of the Union” address advocated a return to American values, but his administration ha done more to attack our values than encourage them. He should spend less time campaigning and more time fulfilling his budget responsibilities and understanding how an economy works.

Steven L. Jessup

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    June 11, 2012

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