Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

October 5, 2012

Letters to the Editor 10/6/12

Corsicana Daily Sun

— Save the F-4

To the Editor: For one to take away a masterpiece that makes a specific place stand out, would make that place non-interesting. In 1946, a group of locals met to establish a junior college in Navarro County. An election was held and Navarro College was created. Recently being an Air Force base, the committee thought it would be a good idea to keep the air plane on campus because at the time 238 members of the first student body was returning veterans from World War II.

Being recently informed about the F-4 being moved to another city, I was highly disappointed. As a freshman at Navarro College, when I first pulled up to the school, I seen this big airplane and wanted to know the background on it. Becoming more educated on this, I realized that this made Navarro College what it is today.

Taking this airplane away from the school, takes the excitement out of college, because every college has their own thing that makes their school special. Even though we have a good educational program, right along with great extra-curriculum activities, taking away something that helped start the school wouldn’t be very beneficial to us.

This magnificent masterpiece creates wonders in college students mind, and educates them on the history of the school. To take this away could probably make the history of Navarro College hard to identify.

 Lamar D. Johnson Jr.

Supporting teachers

To the Editor: I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Higgs of Colortyme of Corsicana for helping the teachers of Corsicana High School.  

Over the summer, the refrigerator that we use in one of the lounges here at CHS stopped working. Since it was 40 years old, the cost of repairing it was not a good expenditure of money.

I contacted Mr. Higgs and asked if Colortyme would be able to allow us to obtain one of their used refrigerators. He said he would see what he could do.  

This week, Mr. Higgs and a couple of his staff came to CHS and delivered a new refrigerator and not a used one as we had discussed. Once again, a big thank you to Colortyme for supporting the teachers here at CHS.

Phillip Keltner

Social Studies Dept. Chair

Corsicana High School  

Love and hate

To the Editor: In response to Mr. Basham's letter which used the word "hate" eleven times while using "love" only twice, he needs to practice what he preaches and ask forgiveness for misusing Scripture. If the opposite of love is not hate but indifference, perhaps Obama is just coldly indifferent to thousands needlessly unemployed in coal mines and oil fields. Feel the indifference to an "enemies" list, high gas prices, mortgaging your children's future and our troops being shot in the back. Feel the indifference as Homeland Security and other agencies buy 1.2 million rounds of ammo for the coming riots.

 Hate is love turned wrongside-out, usually because of a perceived rejection. Many black pastors no longer support Obama because of the Democrat gay marriage platform, but maybe Mr. Basham does. ...

Feel the love as Obama apologizes for America, disdains Israel, and starts the Arab Spring handing secular dictators to Muslim Brotherhood dictators for an Arab Winter.

Obama's Kenyan father and grandfather hated the Imperialist British and used the Communists to get rid of them. Obama was abandoned by both parents for which he blames American capitalism. ...  

Feel the love as you watch our embassy and flag being burned, and our ambassador dragged through the streets, and think of your grandchildren as you listen to the savages yell death to America, and ask forgiveness if you voted for Obama.

Charles Lennon

Grateful for support

To the Editor: Our Rx Drug Take-Back event Saturday was a great success, in spite of the monsoon we experienced (my rain gauge at the end of the day totaled 5+ inches).

We were soaked because our canopy leaks badly and we were running out from the canopy to collect the drugs as people drove through.

We removed eight large boxes of prescription and over-the-counter drugs that are no longer being stored in homes and other places in our community. This far exceeds what we have collected in the past. This will deny access to these dangerous drugs from the kids who search through medicine cabinets and elsewhere to secure them. That made it a very good day.

Thanks to our coalition members that assisted in making this program a success and enduring the weather, with special thanks to Ralph Gonzales, Adam Richter, and James Hudson.

 And, thanks to the Coriscana Daily Sun for their coverage.

 Alvis Reeves

IMPACT Navarro Coalition Coordinator

Drug Prevention Resources, Inc. (DPRI)

The Debate

To the Editor: Thanks to Corsicana Daily Sun for the great article for those of us that saw the debate of Pres. Obama and former Gov. Romney Wednesday night, also the coverage and information for those that didn't see it.

This is so important, as there are quite a few voters that haven't made up their minds. Maybe some of those people that were undecided came to a decision now.

We can hope and pray that the voter turnout will be large this year, it is an important election as we must get this $16 trillion debt down before it tears America apart. This election touches everyone.

Let's give former Gov. Mitt Romney a go at it. He is a good businessman, made his own money by working hard and has lots of common sense, which is lacking everywhere these days.

Barbara A. Whitfield