Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

January 31, 2014

Letters to the Editor 2/1/14

Corsicana Daily Sun

— In memory

To the Editor: Corsicana lost a good man.

Bobby Carpenter ended his battle for life after years of trench warfare. Diabetes and heart problems finally did their bidding. Bobby was also blind. He died in his bed with his family around him. What better place to be called “home.”

Bobby Gene was born, raised, and died in Corsicana. He played all sports but really excelled in baseball. He married Betty Jo Allred 50 years ago. They had three children — Bobby Jr., Meagan and Joe. They were the kind of family Norman Rockwall would paint. The kind of family Jim Anderson had in “Father Knows Best.”

I visited with Bobby and Betty weekly toward the end. Betty was unbelievable. She took care of him but it was so much more than that. She did it in a pure and simple touch of heavenly magic. She anticipated his every step, every need and she treasured it all. It was something I was privileged to witness. Betty put it best — “We don’t just love each other, we are in love with each other.”

Bobby never quit. He fought the good fight keeping his dry wit to the very end. His was a life of caring and deep love for Betty, his family and his Savior.

We had Bobby’s funeral on Sunday at Northside Baptist Church. Every seat was taken.

Don Harvey

County suggestion

To the Editor: Regarding space for county offices,  there are plenty of buildings downtown that could be leased or purchased for the county offices.

 This could help revitalize the downtown area as well as provide the county the needed space.

Mark D. Jones

Sheriff’s Office pay

To the Editor: I find that our county commissioners are very short sighted on the matter of pay for the Navarro County Sheriff’s Office.

This disparity in pay has been an issue for some time and our commissioners have kicked the can down the road long enough, as the hens have come home to roost.  

I was not aware of how great the disparity was till I saw the chart in the Corsicana Daily Sun.  I have met all of the commissioners and like them,  but this issue must be addressed now.

Judge Davenport is correct that he can not make changes to the budget now, however he is wrong in not allowing the Sheriff to use the unused salary fund to better compensate his deputies now till the Court can make changes for the October budget.  

Please let us get this done.

Roy Messick