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March 16, 2013

Cooksey celebrates 102nd birthday

On March 13, Mrs. Ruby Cooksey celebrated her 102nd Birthday.

What a wonderful Christian women she is. Mrs. Cooksey’s Goddaughter Mrs. Ollie Smith and her husband Mr. Elceril Smith of Malakoff are her care takers and her pride and joy. The family would like to thank Ollie and Elceril for everything they do to keep Aunt Ruby looking good and attending to her needs.  

Aunt Ruby is very educated and keeps up with President Obama and happenings. Mr. Lawrence Gregg, nephew, and wife Jurline and their sons Lawrence Gregg Jr., Milton and Rev. Terry Gregg of Dallas are also instrumental in taking care of Aunt Ruby.

She also has great nephews Verne and Henry Stevenson of Corsicana. She has a big group of relatives in Dallas. Her eldest Nephew is James (Friss) Gregg of Dallas, who will celebrate his 84th birthday in June. If I tried to name everyone I am sure I would leave someone’s name out.

Aunt Ruby as many call her was very active in church at the Corinth Baptist Church that was in Emhouse for years. She was also the Church Clerk and Program Coordinator and very active in the Mission work. She also still attends St. John Baptist Church.  

Another birthday, you say? Yes, the Lord allowed us to have Aunt Ruby another year. She still has her wits about her and will ask about everyone in the family name by name. There isn’t much that she has forgotten. She can still name all of her 9 siblings along with their birthdays. She calls her relatives regularly. She calls her great niece Caroline Pritchett regularly and talks to her at work.  Someone will ask “who was that?” I will say proudly, that was my great aunt Ruby.  

Her main thing to say is “God is so good” and “You are so fat.” She makes us take a good look at ourselves to watch our weight. Her favorite song is Amazing Grace. She is probably wondering why there is no big party for her this year. Nothing was planned this year. It’s a little difficult getting the family to come together to contribute to these big bashes with the price of gas. There will probably be a family gathering soon. In the meantime you are welcome to call her, send cards or gifts. Just remember she can’t hear well at times.  

We look forward to seeing Aunt Ruby in 2014 when she is 103 years old.

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