Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas


March 26, 2014

Take time to breathe


I remember growing up and we were out the door the minute Woody Woodpecker and our bowl of cereal was finished; and we wouldn’t come home until the street lights popped on, or we could hear our moms yelling for us. We used our imaginations all day long, we rode bikes, we played under the streets in the culverts that the creeks ran through, we played hide and seek, we built forts; you name it we did it.

We didn’t sit around inside and play video games, we didn’t text on the phone (mainly because cell phones didn’t exist), we got up and rode our bike to our friend’s house if we wanted to see them, and our mothers didn’t call us every five minutes to see if we were OK, because they couldn’t reach us. During the summer my mom would drop me off at the pool and I would swim for hours, play some tennis, and she would come get me when the pool was closing. All my friends were out there, and so we just swam until we were exhausted.

I feel bad for this younger generation sometimes, they are in so many leagues, and on traveling teams that sometimes I can see it in their eyes that they just want to be at home, be a kid, and take some time off from their hectic schedules. It’s good though that kids are in activities, it keeps them out of trouble, and I know childhood obesity is on the rise, so I guess it is better that they are in these activities. But sometimes I feel that just being a kid and staying busy outside and burning off their calories that way is what they want and need to be doing.

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