Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas


April 3, 2014

Should 'I-T' create anxiety?


Corsicana —

Right now seems to be a very hectic time in our family’s lives. We have a lot of changes happening, all good. I am making some career growths, we moved out of our house and are building a new one, and all the boys are in one activity or another. Our wheels are in constant motion, so to speak. Therefore, I feel like I am on call 24/7.

That day, I had a meeting to attend, and for some strange reason I left the office without my phone. Once I realized it was not on my person it was too late to go back and get it and still make it to my meeting on time. After my meeting I climbed in my car to check texts, emails, voicemails, the usual — but it wasn’t there. I felt like I was in a tail spin, not knowing everything was operating smoothly in my life. I hated that that feeling of apprehension came over my body. I actually had to slow my breathing.

I swore to myself I would never become one of those people that is so dependent on my phone that I will lose my mind if I don’t have it on me. But I don’t think it was the fact that I didn’t have my phone, it was the fact that I couldn’t dial in (so to speak) to know that my world was OK. After forcing myself to take a deep breath, I realized that this was probably the best sign and gift I have been given in a while — the allowance that it’s OK that I am free from responsibility for a few minutes, that I am free from accountability to everyone around me. I am just able to sit in my car and take a deep breath.

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