Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

December 11, 2013

Why do girls cost more?

By Samantha Stroube-Daviss
Corsicana Daily Sun

— When my husband and I first started dating, he was deep into bachelorhood. But I guess my wit, charm, and dazzling personality wooed him enough to help him see the error of his ways, and that dating, marriage, children, and family were more his speed — and the single life was his former life.

But during his single life, he was forced to only care for himself, shop for himself, and clean for himself. He never realized the expense girls must incur. Sure he shopped for former girlfriends, and he knows that girls just shop more. But now that he is in the throes of wedded bliss, he is starting to realize that being a girl just simply costs more than being a boy.

I’ve always realized this, but this has really become a point of contention with my husband, ever since he really had to start paying attention to my clothes, and the expenses I was incurring.

I’m not talking about our “frivolous girlie needs” like manicures, pedicures, or massages. Although our men may complain about the cost of those luxuries, they wouldn’t have anything less than a quaffed beauty on their arm. No, I am talking about comparing apples to apples — everything that a man needs a woman needs.

For example, I understand that a woman getting her hair styled and colored should cost a lot more than a man’s haircut. Now what I am talking about is a simple trim. My husband can get his hair cut for anywhere between $16 and $25. But when I want just to trim my hair — I am not talking styling, or layering, or anything tricky, simply needing a trim to cut off the dead ends — why is my hair cut typically three times more expensive than his haircut?

An even better comparison is a white button down shirt — clean, simple, and neat. We all need one, for one reason or another, be it for work, for casual wear, whatever your style is. I personally think a white button down is a staple needed in anyone’s closet. But a woman’s button down, on the average, runs at least double to four times more expensive than a man’s button down. And in doing this comparison, I am cross-referencing within the same store. I am not comparing some elite boutique to a chain store. I am truly comparing apples to apples. So why is this, I ask you?

Is it because the women do most of the shopping, so the retailers know that we will pay more, because we are trapped? I wish there was something we could all do about it. I wish we could take a stand. But I know that shopping, hunting, and scavenging for that “awesome deal” is in our DNA as women.

But think about it — what if there was a world of equality in the retail industry.

We do the same jobs as men, yet we are still paid less, even in the year 2013. But we need the same clothes and luxuries that men need and want, and we are charged double, if not more. I am definitely no math major, but that really doesn’t add up, now does it? We are paid less, but have to spend more to clothe ourselves. Kind of makes you go “Hmmmmm?”

The only place we get a price cut is on “Ladies’ Night” at the bar. But that’s not much of a deal, because we have weird, annoying men bothering us all night, in the same button down shirt that we are wearing — one he paid half of what we paid for ours. So darn right we should get free drinks.

I know we can never stop shopping, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pay the same prices men pay for the items in their closet? Can you imagine the damage we could do then, ladies?

It’s an unusual concept, and you have to admit that it is. But I have always sat idly by my entire life and paid the prices that are required of me as a woman. But humorously, this issue irritates my husband more than it does me.

Just something to think about.


Samantha Stroube-Daviss is a Daily Sun columnist. Her column appears on Thursdays. She may be reached by email at . Read her blog at , and follow her on Twitter @SamanthaDaviss1