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October 27, 2013

Fuzzy co-workers: Pets at work perform important roles too

Corsicana — For a small business owner, having a pet at work is one of those luxuries that most big corporations can’t offer. Pets bring companionship, entertainment, and even good public relations to a business place that can’t be beat, and all for the price of a bag of food, no paid benefits necessary.

Baby Girl, Roy French’s Texaco

Roy French has almost always had a cat on duty at his Second Avenue Texaco, one of which lived there for 19 and a half years.

“We’ve had three cats, all named Baby Girl,” French said. The current incarnation of Baby Girl is a calico.

The third Baby Girl showed up pregnant and hungry at the station shortly after the second one passed away, but before she could be spayed she had a litter of kittens. Four of the five kittens lived, and all were adopted out.

Now, Baby Girl III enjoys her work at the station, greeting customers with royal dignity, and scratching up the furniture.

“We got her a scratching post, but she prefers scratching on the chairs,” French said, smiling fondly. “I’m going to have to get metal chairs.”

Baby Girl doesn’t leave the station, but employees come by on Saturday and Sunday to check on her, refill her food and water bowls, and clean out the litter box.

“This one here’s so friendly,” French said.

Killer Daisy, RockPile Stone and Nursery

Killer Daisy fell out of the sky to end up at the landscaping business on South 287.

Operations Manager Barrett Wortham figures the cat was dropped by a hawk he’d seen in the area, the tiny grey and white kitten had claw marks in her back, and the top of its head was bloody and bald.

After a lengthy game of keep-away, Wortham was able to nab the little fuzzball before she darted into traffic, and brought her into the office.

“She was smaller than my stapler,” recalled Tracey Futral, bookkeeper.

The feral cat took awhile to adjust, and spent those first few weeks in a state of fight or flight, either snuggling up to the office staff, or biting at them. Hence the name: Killer Daisy.

“She was trying to kill me and Tracey,” Wortham said. “We were just trying to save her.”

Like any kitten, Killer Daisy is curious, feisty and funny. She enjoys interacting with both the staff and customers, and likes lunchtime best of all, because she gets to share.

“She’s definitely brought a lot of joy here,” Futral said.

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