Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

April 14, 2014

‘All Hail Corsicana’ - Monday storms, Tuesday freeze?

By Bob Belcher
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — A Monday morning thunderstorm in the aftermath of Sunday's stormy weather in Texas brought  hail up to golf ball in size to parts of Navarro County.

And that storm — typical of spring and summertime weather in Texas — preceded by less than 24 hours a forecast of expected near-freezing temperatures.

Monday's storm sprang up quickly, with a Severe Thunderstorm Warning posted by the National Weather Service at 8:45 a.m.

Reports of hail falling across the northern part of the county followed that warning by only a few minutes.

Those experiencing the hail reported it moved through rather quickly, leaving behind hail from pea-size to golf-ball size. Some of the reports were for widely scattered hail, while others reported heavy downpours with the ice pellets covering the ground and decks of homes in the northern part of the city and county.

The storm was just north of Barry when it began to intensify, and continued on an east-northeast track across the northern portions of Corsicana, and on into Henderson and Kaufman County.

In addition to pelting roofs and exposed vehicles, the hail was also thought to be responsible for at least two accidents on the highway on Highway 22 just east of Barry. Corsicana EMS crews transported one person to Navarro Regional from those wrecks.

Tracy Petty, who lives near Highway 22 on FM 1839 just west of Corsicana, was watching the storms out her window when a heavy downpour of hail began, pelting the patio and swimming pool of their Navarro County home. Petty shot video of the hail storm, showing the hail splashing into a pool, and falling off the metal roof of their home.

“It was crazy,” Petty said. “The wind just picked up really fast, and then the hail started coming down. It was just that fast.”

Petty said the hail event lasted about two minutes at her house.

“I shot about 30 seconds of video with my phone and then stopped it, and it started to get worse, so I turned the video back on … it was a lot heavier,” she said.

Petty said the gutter on the front of their home collapsed from the heavy hail downpour, and the metal roof on their home “is just dotted up everywhere.”

More storms tracked to the south of Navarro County later Monday morning, prompting additional warnings and watches for the region, but they were dropped Monday afternoon, and replaced with a Wind Advisory for Monday afternoon and evening, and a Frost Advisory warning of overnight temperatures Monday night of between 33 and 35 degrees.


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