Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

March 27, 2014

Three-peat: Blooming Grove's McGraw claims Grand Champion steer

By Janet Jacobs
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana —

It was a year of repeats for students entered in the 2014 Steer Show at the Navarro County Youth Expo.

Lainie McGraw, 17, of Blooming Grove FFA, won the Grand Champion steer, as she did last year and the year before; and Noah Grounds, 15, of Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H won Grand Champion Showmanship, as he did last year. He also won the top prize for showmanship in the heifer show this year. He won reserve champion in that category last year.

The Reserve Champion steer was shown by Delaney Northern of Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H.

Junior Showmanship Grand Champion was Katie Perkins of Frost 4-H.

And it was a tough year for showmanship, as the steers kicked up their heels and ran away from their young handlers, particularly the third class of animals, which weigh in between 1,249 pounds and 1,316 pounds on the top end, so it showed the courage of both the kids and the ring handlers to jump in and grab those lead ropes and halters and bring the steers back under control.

Once again, the judge was Wade Shackleford of Prosper, Texas, who has been a cattle judge around the country, and an ag teacher for 26 years.

Results of the steer division are as follows:

Grand Champion: Lainie McGraw, Blooming Grove FFA

Reserve Champion: Delaney Northern, Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H

Sr. Showmanship: Grand Champion, Noah Grounds, Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H; Reserve Champion, Brody Owens, Blooming Grove FFA; 3rd place, Dakota Miller, Mildred FFA.

Jr. Showmanship: Grand Champion, Katie Perkins, Frost 4-H; Reserve Champion, Joe Mac Weil, Frost FFA; 3rd place, Chasyn Andrews, Corsicana FFA.

Class Placings

Class 1: 1. Dalton Steele, Dawson FFA; 2. Anna Northern, Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H; 3. Nolan Murray, Dawson FFA; 4. Steely Southard, Blooming Grove FFA; 5. Chance McQueen, Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H.

Class 2: 1. Nathan Griffin, Corsicana FFA; 2. Lainie McGraw, Blooming Grove FFA; 3. Joe Mac Weil, Frost FFA; 4. Katie Perkins, Frost 4-H; 5. Montana Steele, Dawson FFA.

Class 3: 1. Delaney Northern, Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H; 2. Dakota Miller, Mildred FFA; 3. Madison Peterson, Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H; 4. Taylor Williams, Dawson FFA; 5. Seth Springer, Dawson 4-H.

Class 4: 1. Lainie McGraw, Blooming Grove FFA; 2. Chasyn Andrews, Corsicana FFA; 3. Peyton Allen, Rice FFA; 4. Brody Owens, Blooming Grove FFA; 5. Anna Northern, Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H.


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