Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

January 28, 2014

Mayor updates on Aldi's, Water Park and more progress in city

By Chuck McClanahan
Mayor of Corsicana

Corsicana — There is a lot going on around town. Several new businesses will be opening. Aldi will open in April and Panda Express will break ground soon.

The new target date for the Waterpark will be July 4 and some work has started. The uptick in activity is confirmed by the increase in sales tax. Sales tax was up 10.64 percent in October and 2.80 percent in November. This equates to an overall 1.03 percent increase of last year’s numbers to date.

Work is progressing nicely at the baseball complex to be located on North 45th near the High School. The onsite utilities are complete and the concession stand is about halfway done. Eight of the 12 dugouts are complete and work has started on the backstops. The hope is to have the complex ready for spring play.

The Collin Street bond project is still underway. Utility work is still ongoing and the road work began on Jan. 13. The storm sewer installation started on the 20th Street end.  The projected completion is November 2014.  The next bond project will be the utility work on 24th Street and that should start before the end of the 2014. Utility work is almost complete on Dobbins Road. Design work is ongoing on Second Avenue, Roane Road, and South 15th Street.

 Regular street maintenance projects that will be complete before summer will be an overlay of a portion of 26th Street, Hackberry reconstruction, completion of the overlays of the Main-Oaklawn-13th Street area, Commerce between First and Second Avenues, and several repair projects in Precinct 2. There are two culvert replacement projects, one on Fish Tank Road that is underway, and one on North Beaton that will begin soon.

You may see construction activity around the edges of the City. There are two pipelines that will be coming through Navarro County. One is the Seaway pipeline which will carry tar sand from Cushing, Okla. to southeast Texas. The other is a raw water pipeline that will deliver water from Lake Palestine, Cedar Creek Lake, and Richland Chambers to the Metroplex area. It has been called the integrated pipeline and is a joint project sponsored by Tarrant Regional Water District and the City of Dallas.

Phase one of the Highway 31 Relief Route is scheduled to begin at the end of 2014. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the project will begin with construction of the interchange at Interstate Highway 45. Then the west section will be constructed followed by the east section. The first roadway will be a two lane highway with additional lanes and frontage roads being constructed in the future.  The City of Corsicana and Navarro County will be participating in the project. Participation will consist of the dedication of property for right of way up to the local required match. Phase two of the project will begin in 2015.

I have always said one of my priorities is public safety. The City has an initiative going on now to make sure all homes and businesses have visible identification numbers of the street address on the structure. The International Fire Code requires all buildings to be identified in a uniform manner with four inch numbers visible from the street. Please comply with these requirements as it ensures that Emergency First Responders are able to find the correct home or business quickly. In these events every moment counts.


Chuck McClanahan