Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

April 7, 2013

Sheriff's Corner: March Report

By Sheriff Elmer Tanner
Special to the Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — Tanner updates activities

Dear Citizens,

The Navarro County Sheriff’s Office assisted Blooming Grove Police with the arrest of a suspect who was discharging a firearm inside his house in Blooming Grove while his family was present. The suspect was arrested on five felony charges and one misdemeanor charge at the location.

The NCSO and Kerens Police arrested a suspect for assault of a public servant after he assaulted a Kerens Police officer. The suspect was also charged with resisting arrest or search. The incident occurred on East Highway 31 in Kerens.

Detention officers charged an inmate at the Justice Center for possession of a prohibited substance inside a correctional facility. The inmate was found to be in possession of tobacco that was found inside his tennis shoes. The tongue of the shoes had been altered for concealment.

The jail will no longer allow inmates to receive tennis shoes , socks and/or T-shirts due to the contraband that can be passed through these items. These items are, however, now available through the commissary for the inmates.

The dispatchers have transitioned to eight-hour shifts to maintain consistency within the agency.

The Navarro County Sheriff’s Office received a $4,770 reimbursement from the State of Texas for the transport of inmates from the Navarro County Jail to the Texas Department of Corrections over a six month period.

Three officers resigned from the agency, and one new officer was hired.

Congratulations to the following officers on their recent promotions: Darrell Waller to Captain of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID); Seth Fuller to Sergeant in CID; and Jason Earles to Sergeant in CID.

Congratulations to Jeramy Phillips, who received the 100 Club “Officer of the Year” award. Thanks to the men and women of the 100 Club for recognizing this officer for his work and dedication to law enforcement.

Eleven inmates were transported to the Texas Department of Corrections to serve their sentences.

The jail population averaged about 188 persons per day for March 2013.

The Narcotics Task Force arrested 14 suspects and served 12 outstanding arrest warrants.

Abandoned scrap metal that had been picked up throughout the county by using inmate trustee labor was sold for $5,873.78. The scrap metal had been abandoned in various locations along the roads and at illegal dump sites.

We were more than proud to assist with the Navarro County Youth Exposition by having inmate labor to assist with manual labor tasks before, during and after the Expo was complete.

The inmates were used to build a new fence at the Navarro County Farm, which pastures stray livestock in accordance with the estray laws of the State of Texas.

Inmates also assisted with roof repair at the Justice Center, picked up discarded tires along the roadways, and road maintenance, in addition to their everyday duties at the Justice Center.

One officer was sent to forensic cell phone recovery school to obtain necessary knowledge and training to conduct investigations into data recovery from smart phones. The data can then be utilized for investigative purposes.

I conducted a courthouse security evaluation and briefing, along with a priority assessment, with the commissioners court.

We are all aware and shocked by the recent tragic events that have occurred in Kaufman County and continue to happen across Texas and throughout the United States.

I encourage you to use diligence in your daily lives to become more aware of your surroundings and environment in reference to your own personal safety. Do not become complacent. Be observant and report suspicious persons and activity to your local law enforcement.

Together, we can make a difference.

As always, God Bless, and be safe.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner