Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

April 10, 2013

Springtime means puppies, kittens ready for adoption

By Janet Jacobs
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — Work on the Corsicana Animal Shelter is coming along, and while it’s not the $2 million new facility that the Humane Society would like to see, it will provide some relief for both animal workers and the pets themselves.

The first step has been sandblasting the area where the kennels are, work that is just being completed.

“Years of paint had been put on the kennels, and the dogs get bored and they tend to eat it,” explained MeLony Jordan, shelter manager.

Once all the paint had been removed from the concrete block walls, they applied two layers of clear coat.

“It has a lifespan of about 25 years, and it’s cleaner and looks better,” Jordan said.

To make cleaning the kennels easier the city is also installing a high-pressure water hydrant with new hoses to get more volume and pressure.

Currently, the system is that the workers go in and put the pets in crates, remove them, then go in with brooms and a hose and clean, then put the dogs back in their cages.

“In order for them to have outside time and so we don’t have to have all the crates, we’ll put kennels on the north side of the building, and we’re looking at putting a fence all the way around the property,” Jordan said. “That way, if an animal did escape they wouldn’t get off the grounds.”

An additional small fenced-in area will also be created to let people interact with their potential new pet in a more relaxed setting, by throwing around a ball or just walking the dog around.

Since there’s going to be so many changes, the shelter is also taking advantage of this opportunity to make things a little more logical, for example, putting the adoptable pets in the front of the facility, and the strays on the back.

“We’re going to have more yardage, more kennels, room to take better care of the animals and get them more exercise,” Jordan said. “It will be much easier, and when things flow, it helps a lot with time.”

The shelter will have an animal adoption event on Derrick Days, as it has in past years, but this year will be doing something a little different. This year, they won’t be taking puppies to the adoption event, nor will they be giving discounted adoption fees.

“Puppies that aren’t vaccinated? I don’t feel like it’s in the best interest to take them down there,” Jordan explained. “We will have adult dogs down there, fully inoculated dogs.”

The fee for adoption is $55, and that will stand on Derrick Days, also, to discourage people from taking their “free” or “discount” dogs for granted.

“Our goal is to find them a forever home,” Jordan said. “Not just for a few months or a year. We’re looking for their journey to stop somewhere and for them to have some stability.”

The shelter is taking donations to help people with spaying and neutering, however, which is another expense that new pet owners need to consider.

“Everyone can use help there, and we need to be looking at that problem to stop all these kittens and puppies,” Jordan said.

The Corsicana animal shelter, which provides services to the entire county, is almost always full, and spring is a particularly bad time.

“As soon as spring kicks off then we start filling up with pregnant felines and canines, and sometimes litters of kittens and puppies with no mamas,” Jordan said. We try to utilize the rescue groups, but when spring and summer come, it’s no holds barred. The rescues fill up, the other shelters fill up.”

Volunteers are being sought to help with socializing the pets so they’re more adoptable, to do laundry and help clean. For more information on adoptions or to volunteer, call the shelter at (903) 654-4928.


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