Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

November 7, 2012

Election 2012: New face of the Texas Legislature

Associated Press

Texas Democrats were hoping to win more seats in Tuesday's elections but still managed to take away the GOP's supermajority in the state House and prevent their counterparts from edging closer to a supermajority in the Senate. Here' the new face of the Texas Legislature:

Senate: 11 Democrats, 19 Republicans

House: 55 Democrats, 95 Republicans

The new splits will make it harder for the GOP to fast-track its conservative agenda, though its strong majority in both chambers mean Republicans should be able to eventually pass the bills they want. Here are the top issues facing the Legislature when the session opens in January.

1. School Funding: Democrats are pushing for restoring $5.4 billion in funds cut last year; Republicans plan to push for school vouchers that allow public money to be spent on private schools.

2. Medicaid: Republicans complain that the health program for the poor, elderly and disabled will bankrupt the state; Democrats will try to defend state spending on the federal program.

3. Immigration: Republicans are expected to reintroduce legislation requiring local police to investigate violations of federal immigration law, something Democrats think should be optional.