Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

April 8, 2013

Biker Bash back with new activities for Derrick Days

By Janet Jacobs
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — The Biker Bash, a motorcycle event within the larger Derrick Days festival, will take place April 27, at The Remington, 122 W. Third Ave. in downtown Corsicana.

The open-aired fun will begin with a 100-mile bike ride through three counties, with four stops, in Italy, Hillsboro, Malone, returning to the Remington. At each stop, the bikers will draw a card, eventually ending up with a poker hand. At the end of the run, the top three best hands — and the worst hand — win cash prizes.

Everyone who pays the entry fee gets gifts, including a T-shirt, coolers, Koozies and small souvenir cups which look suspiciously like shot glasses. The cost of participation is $20 before hand, and $25 on the day. Registration will take place beginning at 8:30 a.m.

People don’t have to go on the run or own a bike to participate, just pay the entry fee and stay in one place, explained Sharla Allen, director of the Parks and Recreation Department.

The ride will start at 10 a.m. and wrap up around 1 p.m., there will be a lunch and live band at the Remington. The band will be the Harless Brothes, a blues band, which will play from 1 to 5 p.m. The public is invited to the free concert.

The biker games will include a burn-out competition, with a big-screen TV as the prize; an arm-wrestling contest; and eight divisions of bike show, with trophies awarded for the best-looking antique bike, custom, trike, stock, dresser and sport divisions.

Last year’s skin-baring tattoo contest will not be part of the 2013 events, but the arm-wrestling competition may provide just enough excitement in its place. There will be both men’s and women’s categories, and the ultimate winner will be chosen from the top wrestlers in each of the categories, although the man will be handicapped in some way. Handicapping suggestions have included having the man stand on one leg, or to allowing the woman the use of both arms, or perhaps both.

“That will just be for fun,” Allen said.

The Biker Bash is hosted by the Corsicana Parks and Recreation Department. This year, they’re hoping to have 250 bikes participate, according to Darrell O’Sullivan, with the parks department.

This is the second year for the Biker Bash, and the first proved that bikers were a good crowd for the festival. Many of the motorcycles brought to the Bash cost more than cars, and their owners are proud to have a venue both to show them off, but also to ride them with others.

“There were no problems (in 2012), and everyone realized that afterwards,” O’Sullivan said.

Like the car show, which brings in car buffs from all over the state, the Biker Bash promises some boosts to the town’s tourism trade in addition to providing a fun activity for local bikers.

“We just want to do something different,” O’Sullivan said. “This is something we knew about. I think people get bored with the same thing all the time.”


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