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November 11, 2013

County Judge to seek reelection

From Staff Reports
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — Navarro County Judge H. M. Davenport Jr. filed Saturday for re-election in 2014 at an event at the Navarro County GOP headquarters.

“It has been an honor to serve the citizens of Navarro County and especially to represent them throughout Texas,” Davenport said. “This is a busy, extremely multi-faceted job; but I love what I do, the people I work with, and I love Navarro County.”

Davenport said the county would continue to strive toward a more efficient county government through changes in personnel, attitude, and policies.

“For example, we don’t spend all our budgeted funds just because they are there,” Davenport said. “This has led to a substantial savings every year and build up now of our fund balance to the 90 day amount the state says we should have. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our costs.”

Davenport pointed to “significant changes” within the direction of county employment to reduce numbers through attrition.

“As someone leaves or retires we don’t replace the person unless it is a position critical to providing services,” Davenport said. “With that in mind I’ve encouraged all elected officials and department heads to look seriously at all employment positions and the necessity for each.”

Davenport also cited an “attitude change” within the courthouse and the trickle-down effect from that attitude.

“People see that my direction and attitude is also one of improving efficiency, friendliness, and good customer service,” Davenport added. “It’s frustrating to deal with certain slow governmental processes, but I have accepted that certain changes will take more time. I don’t give up.”  

The county judge also said strides have been made in the judicial system in the county.

“Judicially, Navarro County Court stays as ‘caught up’ as is feasible, with trial and plea dockets scheduled as the paperwork becomes available,” Davenport said. “We constantly push to get cases processed but there are clerical and legal matters that simply take time. We are also looking at ways to improve how we deal with those who break the law, from the arrest to investigation, case creation to final judgment, and sentencing.”

Davenport said District Judge James Lagomarsino and County Court-at-Law Judge Amanda Putman and their staffs have also been instrumental, in conjunction with Lowell Thompson and the District Attorney’s office, to help reduce the cost of housing inmates in county jail by getting cases processed in a much quicker and more timely manner than ever before.

“This process is key to reducing the number of inmates we are housing, and that translates into less expense for the county,” Davenport said.

Davenport said he would continue to work closely with the commissioners court, and for economic development opportunities for the county.

“As long as the citizens of Navarro County have confidence in me to do the job I won’t give up on making every effort to create a better, more efficient county government. That has always been my goal, and will always be my promise.”


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