Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

February 24, 2013

Local school, city election filings continue

By Janet Jacobs
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — Candidates for local office have begun to file to run in the May 11 election, and thus far there are no challengers in the Corsicana or Kerens city races, or in any of the school district races.

Candidates have until March 1 to file to run. Uncontested races will be canceled to save money.

IN the City of Corsicana, the open seats will be those of the mayor, city judge, city attorney and precinct 3 and 4 city council seats. Already filed for re-election are incumbents Mayor Chuck McClanahan, Judge Mike Russell and Councilman Don Denbow, precinct 4.

All the incumbent candidates have filed in the Corsicana ISD election, in which seats 5, 6 and 7 are open. Filed for re-election are Terry Seth, Scott Watkins and Ed Monk.

In Navarro County school districts, these seats are open, followed by those who have filed for them:

Blooming Grove ISD: Two at-large positions currently held by Jack Herod and Chad Briggs. None filed.

Corsicana ISD: Board positions open are seats 5, 6 and 7, currently held by Terry Seth, Scott Watkins and Ed Monk. All have filed.

Dawson ISD: Two at-large positions, currently held by Pete Chasteen and Kay Yates. None filed.

Frost ISD: Two at-large positions, currently held by Clay Reynolds and Josh Martin. Both incumbents filed.

Kerens ISD: Three at-large positions, currently held by Kenny Berry, Norton Connor and Matt Lynch. None filed.

Mildred ISD: Two at-large positions, currently held by Craig McCracken and Shane Farmer. Incumbents filed.

Rice ISD: Three at-large positions, currently held by Greg Barlow, Ron Buckley and Bill Ziegenhagen. Incumbents filed.

In municipal or city elections, the following seats are open, along with who has filed:

Angus: Three aldermen positions, currently held by Ken Cook, Kim Newsome, and Jerry Newsome. Marlo Reynolds and Roy Lynn McCain have filed.

Barry: Mayor and two council positions, currently held by Mayor Charles Worsham, and Jack Herod and Pam Rose.

Blooming Grove: three spots, Linda Busby, Trevor Boyde, and Donald Harris. Incumbents Linda Busby and Donald Harris have filed.

Dawson: Justin McMahon, Ronnie Hogue. Incumbent Justin McMahon has filed.

Emhouse: Mayor Johnny Pattison, Jacob Eldridge, Kim Eldridge and Mary Jones (entire council) are up for election. None have filed yet.

Frost: Three alderman positions, David Malone, Francesca and Eddie Sweet are open. Incumbents Francesca Cook and David Malone have filed, along with challengers Lance Reed and Kyra Kelley Hooser.

Goodlow: Mayor Willie Washington, Jacklyn Copeland, and Earnest Betts are up for election.

Kerens: Mayor Jeffrey Saunders, Tyrone Martin, Rick Neumayer. Mayor Jeffrey Saunders has filed.

Mildred: Rebecca Hanna, Ryan Loach and Brandon Tackett. No one has filed.

Powell: All three positions on the council, currently held by Mayor Dennis Bancroft, and councilmen C.W. McClendon and Charles Kent. None filed yet.

Oak Valley: Oak Valley has the Mayor and two aldermen up for election this year. Those seats are currently held by Mayor Linda Bennett and Glenda Robinson and Neal Silvers.

Retreat: Mayor and two aldermen, currently held by Mayor Janice Barfnecht, Lenny Gordenski and John Robinson.

Rice: Mayor Larry Bailey, Robby Valdez, and Vickie Young. Incumbents Robbie Valdez and Vickie Young filed; challenger Jim Fortson filed for mayor.

Richland: Three at-large council positions, currently held by Patsy Womack, Karen Smith and Jody Farmer. None yet.

Navarro College:

Three places on the Navarro College Board of Trustees are up for election in 2013. All three of the incumbents have expressed their desire to run for reelection.

Place 2, held by Faith Holt; Place 3, held by Dr. James Price; and Place 5, an "at large" position, is held by Todd McGraw.

Terms on the Navarro College Board of Trustees are for six years.


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