Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

March 26, 2014

Anaya takes tops in Goat Division

By Bob Belcher
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — Following his afternoon Grand Champion win in the Lamb Division, Edgar Anaya turned right back around and brought his “A-game” to the Goat Division.

The Frost senior took home his second Grand Champion award of the day with the win.

Cody Carroll of Blooming Grove FFA took Reserve Champion in the Goat Division.

Anaya, 18, was surrounded by family and friends in the photo booth following the award.

“It feels great,” he said after his second win of the day.

Anaya has been involved in ag projects for the last three years, getting started at the urging of a friend. After a while, it “caught on,” he said.

Anaya said Navarro College is where he has his post-high school sights set for now, studying Oil and Gas Technology. Then, on to Tarleton, he said.

Carroll, 17, was named Reserve Champion, and then followed that up with Grand Champion in Senior Showmanship in the division.

“It's been really good,” Carroll said of the Youth Expo experience so far this year. “It's been a lot of hard work … it feels good to be in this spot again.”

Division Judge Dr. Billy Zanolini of College Station was highly complimentary of the youth in the Expo, and the quality of their projects.

“When these young men and women come out of the show ring, give them a hug, and tell them how proud you are of them,” he said.

In Senior Showmanship Judging, Dakota Miller of Mildred FFA took Senior Reserve Champion behind Carroll. Nathan Griffin of Corsicana FFA was third.

In Junior Showmanship Judging, Grand Champion was Cole Watson of Frost FFA; Reserve Champion was Allie Cope of Mildred 4-H; third place went to Jacob Lopez of Rice 4-H.

Mark Jordan, Tammi Perry and Jennifer Miller of City National Bank presented the banners and awards to all the division winners.

Partial class results in the Goat Division:

Class 1

1. Jade Spain, Dawson 4-H; 2. Shelby Gist, Dawson FFA; 3. Ty Tidwell, Corsicana FFA; 4. Kennedi Montfort, Mildred FFA; 5. Jacob Lopez, Rice 4-H.

Class 2

1. Allie Cope, Mildred 4-H; 2. Presley Perry, Frost FFA; 3. Nathan Griffin, Corsicana FFA; 4. Daisy Isom, Rice FFA; 5. Katelynn Warren, Blooming Grove FFA.

Class 3

1. Zane Thomas, Blooming Grove FFA; 2. Tanner Patrick, Blooming Grove FFA; 3. Morgan Elmore, Frost FFA; 4. Conner Hill, Mildred FFA; 5. Addison Palos, Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H.

Class 4

1. Chelsea Vandiver, Corsicana FFA; 2. Jessie DeVries, Blooming Grove FFA; 3. Breall Harp, Frost FFA; 4. Haddi Montgomery, Frost FFA; 5. Colby Pair, Mildred FFA.

Class 5

1. Justin Smith-Lopez, Rice FFA; 2. Christian Thornton, Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H; 3. Luke Dotson, Dawson FFA; 4. Rebecca Kindle, Mildred 4-H; 5. Katie Haden, Blooming Grove/Barry 4-H.

Class 6

1. Cody Carroll, Blooming Grove FFA; 2. Chelsea Vandiver, Corsicana FFA; 3. Billy Robinson, Dawson FFA; 4. Cade Rigamonti, Frost FFA; 5. Bryar Steele, Dawson FFA.

Class 7

1. Cole Watson, Frost FFA; 2. Cody Carroll, Blooming Grove FFA; 3. Cade Rigamonti, Frost FFA; 4. Bryan Reagan, Corsicana FFA. 5. Sean Morgan, Mildred FFA.

Class 8

1. Dakota Miller, Mildred FFA; 2. Brianna Samuels, Mildred FFA; 3. Samuel Perry, Frost FFA; 4. Kylie McCaleb, Mildred FFA; 5. Laura Briceno, Mildred FFA.

Class 9

1. Edgar Anaya, Frost FFA; 2. Chris Belcher, Frost FFA; 3. Nathan Griffin, Corsicana FFA; 4. Hallie Phillips, Corsicana FFA; 5. Kaylee Tidwell, Rice FFA.


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