Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

May 6, 2013

Kinsloe House celebrates milestone anniversary

By Janet Jacobs
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — On May 10, the Kinsloe House as an institution will officially turn 75 years old. The date was chosen because it’s Katie Kinsloe’s birthday.

The group will be celebrating with a special 1938-themed luncheon on Wednesday, according to Kinsloe President Barbara Watkins.

“We’re encouraging all the members to wear hats and gloves, and we’re having a 1938 fashion show. We have about eight to 10 models that will be modeling 1938 fashions.”

Music will be from the ‘30s, along with some bits of recordings from the Orson Wells’ radio production of “War of the Worlds.” Even the menu will be from early caterers at the Kinsloe House. The program itself will include a reading from a 1916 Daily Sun article advocating the creation of a women’s clubhouse in Corsicana.

“It encouraged 2,000 women to step up and pay $1 membership to keep this new idea going,” Watkins said. “They were thinking about this way before the house was started in 1937.”

The Kinsloe House opened its doors in 1937, but wasn’t formally incorporated until 1938. Also part of the celebration will be recognition of past presidents. Kinsloe has 12 past presidents who are expected to be at Wednesday’s event, Watkins said.

The women’s clubhouse has changed over the years, of course. The original Kinsloe House burned down and was replaced with a modern facility that accommodates large crowds better. And the admittance rules changed as well, to reflect the changing times.

In addition to a celebratory party in April and the luncheon this week, the group also issued its third cookbook, a 75th anniversary edition. Each month starting in September, the group’s members were asked to submit a category of recipes, starting with appetizers and working their way through to desserts.

“We have 633 recipes from the current members,” Green said. “And then we put in 25 recipes from the previous cookbooks.”

Those 25 were the most-requested, and favorite recipes from the previous editions, which were put out in 1988 and 1998, Green said.

Among those favorites are Debra Ballard’s recipe for Kinsloe House rolls, and Tommie Watson’s recipe for Microwave Pecan Prailines.

“Not many things last 75 years in this day and age, and a women’s clubhouse is almost a thing of the past in towns our size,” Green said. “So we feel really blessed that it’s still going strong.”


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