Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

May 19, 2013

City proposes route changes for Clean-Up Day

By Janet Jacobs
Corsicana Daily Sun

Corsicana — For more than 10 years, Navarro County and the City of Corsicana have co-hosted a county-wide clean-up day. For most residents, it means an opportunity to take their bulk trash to the city’s landfill for free.

Clean-up day is scheduled for 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. June 1 this year, and the city is changing how people get to the landfill. Instead of entering off Highway 31, the city wants people to enter through the south entrance, which means turning onto Southeast County Road 0010, which is the street between the Interstate 45 off-ramp and the Jack-in-the-Box restaurant. From there, traffic would be funneled into the landfill and allowed to exit onto Highway 31.

“We want to utilize the south entrance into the landfill. We’d like all of our customers who use the free service to come in the south side of the landfill,” said Charles Leist, environmental services director. “All of our regular route, and contract custoemrs will be using the north route. This is to expedite the service and increase our safety, keep everyone off of 31.”

The new route does require a series of turns and traffic tends to be heavy on clean-up day, pointed out Logan Lair, county extension agent at Monday’s commissioner’s meeting.

“People are used to going from Highway 31 onto Jester Drive,” Lair told the commissioners.

Commissioner Dick Martin expressed his own concerns, including the confusing intersection at I-45 and SE CR 0010, the fact that the road is at least partly dirt, and that the railroad crossing doesn’t have safety arms, just a yield sign.

The county does have a back-up plan if it rains, Lair said. The rain-out day is June 8, the following week, so mud shouldn’t be the biggest problem. Lair said his larger worry is the potential confusion the new route will mean for people used to the old way of doing things.

“I do know this: This rerouting is going to be a calamity,” he said.

“We all have the same opinion,” Martin agreed.

The reason for the re-routing is to keep traffic from backing up on Highway 31 on that Saturday morning, explained Charles Liest, director of environmental services for the city.

Leist said the city will try to keep confusion to a minimum by putting volunteers and city employees at the major turns, and putting out a series of eight to 10 signs to keep people on the right path.

“We’ll have city pesonnel and volunteers and we’ll post signage at all the locations where you need to turn along the route,” he said.

In order to educate people about the change, the city will be putting information in water bills to the city customers, and getting word out through schools and wholesale water customers, Leist said.

“I don’t want people getting lost,” he said. “We don’t want to move (the trash) from one place to another. We want to get it in the right place.”

Although the reason given for the change was to avoid traffic stopped up on Highway 31, Texas Department of Transportation officials didn’t complain about the way it was done in the past, said Darwin Myers, TxDOT area engineer.

“It seems to me more logical to have people come out onto CR 0010,” said County Judge H.M. Davenport.

The routes are as follows:

From Texas Highway 31: Turn south between the Jack-in-the-Box and I-45 north-bound frontage road, jog under I-45 and back onto Southeast County Road 0010, left onto SE CR 0020 and enter the landfill at the intersection of SE CR 0020 and SE CR 0030. Traffic will exit the landfill on SE CR 0010 and out to Jester Drive and then onto East Highway 31, which is where people have entered the land fill in the past.

From U.S. 287, turn north onto SE CR 0020, which is the south-bound exit ramp from and frontage road of I-45, next to the former Chattanooga Glass. Someone coming from Corsicana would turn left at the first light before going under I-45. Follow that road past the exit ramp and turn right to duck under the trestle and continue north on SE CR 0020, turning right onto SE CR 0010, then follow it to the left, then enter the landfill at the intersection of SE CR 0020 and SE CR 0030. Everyone will exit Jester Drive onto Highway 31.

“The goal is to be make this a permanent route beginning next year,” he said.

“What we’re trying to do in general is provide a smoother process, to have all the traffic going in one direction,” Leist said. “The back entrance provides plenty of room. We can stretch out a little bit.”


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