Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

February 15, 2013

Act Quick, Smart: Time is critical when signs of heart trouble arise

By Raymond Linex II

— You sense you are having a heart attack. One of the many symptoms are present: Chest discomfort, discomfort in other areas of the upper body, shortness of breath, or maybe a cold sweat, nausea or lightheadedness.

And you are alone. What do you do?

“Call for help, EMS, not the friend or family down the road,” said Dr. Joe Saucedo of Medical Associates of Navarro County.

“Time is the most important issue.”

But what if you can’t get to a phone to dial 9-1-1, or you are concerned about the time in between the call and the ambulance arriving?

“Take an non-enteric coated aspirin,” Dr. Saucedo said. The non-coated aspirin means no delay in absorption

The most important thing is to act.

“Most men blow it off or think it’s just heartburn, a pulled muscle, or they are embarrassed,” Saucedo said. “With women, MIs (Myocardial Infarctions) are sometimes A-typical.

“They present in all different ways, not that classic ‘TV’ chest pain, grabbing your left arm with pain radiating from your neck down your arm.”