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Husband and wife Zane and Shana Stein Faulhaber recently moved their legal practice to Corsicana and bought a house in June.

Many young people move away from small towns never to return. More opportunities and conveniences can lead young professionals to spend their most productive years in cities, even though they may appreciate the quality of life and sense of community found in more rural areas.

One young couple, however, is bucking that trend and have already found out Corsicana has a culture all its own.

Husband and wife Zane and Shana Stein Faulhaber recently moved their legal practice to Corsicana and bought a house in June.

Both born and raised in Dallas, Shana, a criminal defense attorney, previously worked for the Dallas District Attorney’s office as a prosecutor.

“One of my trial partners, who had been a prosecutor here in Navarro County told me, ‘When you are starting up your defense practice and you are looking for work, Navarro County could use some attorneys on its court-appointed list,’” Shana said. “So I started commuting to Corsicana around 10 years ago for work.”

Shana said she liked the community and the people she was working with so when she got involved with her husband a few years ago, they found they both had the same vision of wanting to live in a smaller community.

“Since we already had ties here we thought, why would we go anywhere else?” she said.

Zane, who works as Shana’s office manager and paralegal, said he welcomed the change of pace.

“I’ve been a musician my whole life,” he said. “I’ve worked with the music union as a stagehand, a sound engineer. I’ve also done a lot of warehouse and assembly work. I wanted to change it up a little so I started helping my wife with bookkeeping and other stuff.”

Shana said they do the bulk of their work at home but meet clients at the Keller Williams office.

They have already found a place and settled into the community, with Shana teaching yoga and Zane playing gigs around town.

The two have immersed themselves in local arts, entertainment and dining and are amazed at how many of their Dallas friends can’t wait to visit.

“When we first started coming down here we would try a different restaurant every time to cast a net and see what we liked,” Shana said. “The first thing we did when we got the keys to our house on June 1 was went and signed up at the Corsicana Country Club to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I told Zane I would put the steak at the Country Club on par with any of the topnotch places in Dallas.”

The couple said now that they are invested in the community they are here to stay. They are currently auditioning drummers and are looking to start a local band.

“The first event at the winery was a music event where Zane was playing,” Shana said. “I teach a monthly yoga workshop at Lady Diana’s Zen Cafe downtown. I’m partnering with Adelaide Castillo, who is the primary yoga teacher and she and I are doing an event at the Angelita Vineyard & Winery in August. Zane will be playing music while I teach the yoga class.”

Shana said they have talked to a lot of people from Corsicana who would like to go to Dallas and although it’s true there are more things going on in Dallas, they have consistently found they are more inclined to do things here.

“We found ourselves going to the same handful of restaurants in Dallas over and over,” she said. “There are many more music shows in the city but we would end up going to very few. In the first two months we’ve been here, we’ve already gone to a couple of live concerts, met with friends at a theatrical production at the Warehouse of Living Arts Center. I think when it’s a smaller town you are more inclined to pay attention to what’s going on.”



Q&A with Zane and Shana

Favorite books, movies, music?

Zane: The entire Hunter S. Thompson collection, The Road to Jonestown by Jeff Guinn, Anything by Sergio Leone, The Guess Who, Brian Jonestown Massacre, My Bloody Valentine, Anything with Doug Sahm, Link Wray and Duane Eddy.

Shana: Anything by Augusten Burroughs, Thich Nhat Hanh and Ram Dass, Idiocracy, Pure Country, The Cutting Edge, George Strait, Faith No More, Soundgarden, The Smiths

Favorite hangout in town?

Both: The Moontower at the Oaks and The Corsicana Country Club.

Favorite place to take out-of-town guests?

Both: Lady Diana's Zen Cafe, The Corsicana Country Club, Atwoods.

What is an ideal weekend like for you in Corsicana?

Both: Having friends over to barbecue, playing music, practicing yoga and laying low.

What's the thing that has surprised you most about Corsicana?

Both: What a diverse and accepting community it is. Lots of culture and history and fun things to do!