If at first you don’t succeed, ...

An apparent construction mistake at the new Tiger Field project resulted in the removal of the nearly completed bleacher work on the home side of the new stadium.

CISD Superintendent Don Denbow told the Daily Sun the problem was with the concrete pillar work.

“It turns out that the concrete columns on that side were two feet too short. That meant that the bottom row would be too low, and the top row would not meet the press box at the right place,” Denbow said.

To repair the problem, additional concrete will be poured to raise the pillars to the proper level, and then the bleachers will be rebuilt.

Denbow said he was told by the construction foreman that the problem should not impact the proposed completion date of the new stadium, set now for Sept. 15. The existing Tiger Field is being kept ready for use in the event it is needed this fall.

The CISD is not bearing any of the extra costs involved in fixing the problem with the bleachers, Denbow said.


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