Dental contract is renewed

Navarro County commissioners approved the renewal of a contract with Dentrust Dental Services for inmate dental care at Monday’s meeting.

The contract is three years long.

Tax collections remain ahead of pace

The monthly tax collection report contained more good news for the County. Collections are well ahead of last year’s pace.

The tax assessor/collector’s office has received about $693,000 more than it had at the same point last year and has collected 93.04 percent of the total levy.



language is approved

Commissioners gave their stamp of approval to the addition of one line to the Navarro County Lake Planning and Zoning Commission’s lakeshore ordinance.

Added was language that specifies the section on timeshare/fractional uses does not negate or nullify recorded deed restrictions on a piece of property.

SUP approved

Commissioners approved a special use permit for a storage building requested by David Olschewsky.

The storage building will be located on Lot 49 of the Francisco Bay subdivision.

SUP amendments formally OK’d

Commissioners approved amendments to two separate special use permits, as requested by Samson Lone Star Limited Partnership.

The oil and gas company made the requests in connection with two different natural gas well sites.

The approval came with contingencies. For one site, cyclone fencing with 3-inch mesh woven into the fence was required. For the other, a hospital-grade muffler was required for some equipment being added, along with the same fencing.

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