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CORSICANA - The Navarro County Commissioners met for an hour Monday in a workshop designed to prepare them for next week’s regular meeting. The primary speaker was Kathy Hollomon, county auditor, who wanted to brief the commissioners on some changes in policy.

The first was to investigate any savings in the way the county is paying for medical expenses for jail inmates.

The second was to discuss a new policy to have each department head sign a form saying he or she will follow state laws in purchasing. The county isn’t changing its policy on purchasing, but it is creating a system of accountability if anything is done wrong.

If the commissioners approve the new policy — and there weren’t any objections at Monday’s workshop — the forms would be sent out and must be returned by Dec. 15 to the county auditor’s office.

The third was to consider the way that the county’s fund balance is divided up for reporting purposes. The new system would call for five classifications of funds, ranging from non-spendable to unassigned. In addition, the county’s fund balance policy should be to have about 60 days worth of funds in the bank. Hollomon said there weren’t any procedures in place should the county fall below that target amount, but it would be something the commissioners could take up during the next budget meeting, at which time they might want to raise the tax rate.


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