The Corsicana Education Foundation approved nine innovative grant requests last Wednesday for use within the school district.

Foundation member Elizabeth Thompson was elated with the quality of the grants as well as appreciative for the teachers that submitted them. She spoke about the number of grants that pertained to reading.

“Reading is where it all starts and ends,” Thompson said.

Pre-kindergarten teacher Kay Smith’s “Please read it again” grant is designed to work with students whose first language is not English and propel the students to read at an accelerated pace.

Collins art teacher Burl Sloan’s request to install a kiln at the middle school was also approved by the Education Foundation. Sloan stated in his request that in order to meet the state curriculum, a kiln is needed.

“Start Motivating All Reluctant Readers Today” (S.M.A.R.T) is a program at the high school level designed to pull readers into new and exciting novels thereby improving critical thinking skills and improving reading comprehension.

A dual language book for Carroll Elementary pre-kindergartners was also approved by the Education Foundation.

A memorial grant in tribute to Gioia Keeney was approved for the high school level. The grant allows students to visit museums around the world on the Internet. Students will have the ability to virtually tour museums across the globe.

A Gifted and Talented grant to the high school to have students work in teams to create a fully functioning robot from kits that will complete tasks was another grant that Thompson was excited about.

“This combines calculus and physics and makes it practical,” Thompson said. “Truly innovative.”

Supplemental magazines for middle school students was approved by the Education Foundation. In Tune Monthly will bridge the gap from classroom learning and real world experience, according to the grant request. The grant was designed to work in conjunction with existing classes at the middle school level.

Kindergartners at Fannin Elementary will learn in the Jeopardy mode. Through learning about the world in literature and by using posters, teacher Beverly Seely hopes to teach students the importance of rules and government.

The final approved grant was for Collins Middle School entitled the Scholar Connection. The purpose of the grant is to generate a project that will foster learning across the curriculum and stimulate vertical and horizontal alignment in life long learning in communication skills. Within the first year, students will write and produce a newspaper, and by the second year will use technology communications in the field of broadcasting.


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