Duane Limbaugh, principal at Schulenburg High School, has been approved as the new superintendent for Frost ISD, the school board decided Saturday.

He will replace Jim Revill, 60, who’s been top administrator in Frost for 23 years. Revill’s last day will be Jan. 31.

“About two years ago, I indicated my goal was to work until I was 62, so I had 40 years in the Teacher Retirement System,” Revill said. “I worked for a superintendent who’d been a superintendent for 23 years and I asked him one day ‘how’d you decide when to retire?’ and he said ‘when school started and I wasn’t excited.’ I kind of had that same feeling.”

Revill worked as a teacher and then as a principal at the elementary and high school level for 13 years in Big Sandy ISD in East Texas before moving to Frost.

His plan was to spent two years in Frost before moving on, but he stayed, and stayed.

Now, at 60, Revill said he’s ready to try something new, although he isn’t sure what that will be. He does intend to stay in Frost, however. He and his wife, Susan, built a new home in Frost eight years ago, and it’s home. Susan is school librarian in Frost, and intends to take some time off, but the will return as a part-time librarian.

Limbaugh, 39, is married to Jennifer, a speech language pathologist. They have three children. Limbaugh completed his superintendent certification and graduate work at Texas State University in San Marcos and has worked in administration since 2006.

He is expected to assume his duties on February 1.

“I am eager to become a member of the Frost community and thrilled to join the exceptional Frost ISD team.  Working together, we will carry forward the traditions of Frost ISD and will continue to excel in both academic and extra-curricular activities.”


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