To the Editor

From The Salvation Army

Now that the holidays for 2013 are behind us and we’ve had a brief moment to reflect back on all that has transpired, I can say that we at The Salvation Army are humbled and amazed by how this community came together to help meet the needs of so many struggling people. Giving some much-needed hope, putting smiles on people’s faces, relieving anxiety, warming the hearts, all through simply showing the love of Christ in giving of ourselves and doing for others has filled our hearts with gratitude. My wife Linda and I noticed about two weeks before Christmas that we were really far behind in meeting all the needs in the community, so we prayed and put out a plea to the community for help.

All I can say is that God is always faithful.

Donations of all kinds began coming in from everywhere, so much we could not contain them all. We were able to surpass all our goals and help even more people than we anticipated. If I could put a little perspective on what this community helped us do: 300 Thanksgiving dinners were given, the Red Kettles surpassed our goal, 636 children received Christmas gifts along with 695 senior citizens and people with special needs, and 250 gift boxes were given to those who were incarcerated for Christmas. We were also able to help many people with financial needs, as well as feeding through our food pantry. This community did all that and more.

To Mayor McClanahan, the Chamber of Commerce, Corsicana Fire Dept., law enforcement, our local banks, Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, Kettle locations, businesses, Navarro County Toy Run, Shakers and Scrapers, Christmas Motorcycle Association, and individuals, we at The Salvation Army and our advisory board would like to express our thankfulness for all your generosity. Please forgive me if I left anyone out.

The Salvation Army of Navarro County is here to meet the needs of those who find themselves in need of a wide array of services. We do our best to show the love of Christ without discrimination and are here 365 days a year to meet these needs. We rely on the community all year, not just the holidays, so if you are led to, please help when you can.

From the advisory board of The Salvation Army to our staff and of course, Linda and myself, we want to say a huge Thank You to all for what you have done. May God Bless.


In His Service,

Sgt. Toby Romack

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