Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

September 16, 2013

William and I at the movies

By Janet Jacobs
Corsicana Daily Sun

— I’m crushed that the Blockbuster is closing.

Going to Blockbuster was pleasure shopping for me. I could read the boxes and peruse the new releases and chat with the film-savvy clerks about what was good and what was just body counts and explosions. It was great.

In this new hands-off era, though, I had to knuckle down and figure out how to hook our home up with Netflix, the on-line service that delivers movies to your TV through the Interwebs. That part took me a couple of days because it kept asking for a password which I didn’t have and had never set and I couldn’t figure out if this was for Netflix, the DVD player, the router or the TV (it was all very complicated), and finally I just got angry and started punching in random numbers and lucked onto it. I’m not kidding. I guessed a four-digit password. Why can’t that happen when I’m playing the lottery?

The strangest part was when I got into my brand new Netflix account and found a bunch of recommended movies in “My List” that I’d never heard of. Smut and Westerns, primarily, which are definitely not my cup of tea.

Only after I’d deleted all those titles and spent almost two hours replacing them with movies I want to see — cute romantic comedies, heart-warming kid flicks, science fiction thrillers, and smart independent films — did I realize that the DVD player thought I was “William” and this wasn’t my Netflix account, it was someone else’s.

William’s, presumably.

In my defense, I bought the DVD player brand new from Walmart, so it wasn’t my fault that Netflix thought I was William when I used it to sign in. Yes, I should have been quicker to pick up on how screwy the list was and that it referred to me as “William.” But being new to this, I didn’t know what it should look like.

I only feel a little guilty about this misunderstanding because, really, will it kill the guy to watch something worthwhile for a change?

Sorry William, I’ll get it reset this weekend and you can go in and rebuild your list to your smutty, Westerny liking. In the meantime you might want to watch that one movie in “our” list about the kid who finds salvation playing some obscure sport. Squash? Field hockey? Curling?

It looks adorable.


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