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February 14, 2014

Letters to the Editor 2/15/14

Corsicana Daily Sun

— In support of NCSO

To the Editor: I have been reading about the salary problems Sheriff Tanner is having since being elected and the major problem with trying to keep qualified people.

I worked at the Navarro County Sheriff’s Office for 25 years, starting out as a patrol deputy and retiring as Chief Deputy. I could have stayed in Houston working for the Harris County Sheriff’s Department and made a lot more money, but my family was here and this is where I wanted to be.

During my time with the department I always worked two to three extra jobs to support my family. The county commissioners would occasionally give us a raise.

The cost of living has increased greatly since my retirement. Most deputies with families are having to work all the extra jobs they can in order to support their families. Insurance costs have increased as have food and fuel, not to mention child care and college tuition. There are just so many jobs that these officers can work, and while doing so leaves no time with their families.

A lot has changed since I retired, but one thing that has not changed is what the state mandates as the number of detention officers you must have to staff the jail, or it will be closed.

I understand Sheriff Tanner turned in $851,000 from his budget. He was not required to do this. My question ... is who gives (the commissioners court) the right to delegate how these funds are used?

I am urging taxpayers and voters of Navarro County to contact your county commissioner and the county judge. We are the ones who put these people in office, and we are the ones to take them out.

In closing, I ask you to support Sheriff Tanner and his department. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.


Don Barron

In remembrance

To the Editor: Twenty years ago this month our son turned 17 years old. It was to be his last birthday here on this earth. It is hard to imagine 20 years without seeing or talking with him, that it has been so long.

The Bible says, “... one day with the lord is as a thousand years in one day,” 2 Peter 3:8. As time has passed I can more comprehend that statement regarding time. Those first years without our son here seemed to drag, the hours and days seemed endless. And now, it seems the years are flying by.

When life is full and things are going well, times seems to move quickly, there hardly seems to be enough time to accomplish all we have on our schedule. But when calamity comes time seems to drag, almost to stand still and the thought of facing another day seems overwhelming and unwelcome. Life is hard.

As a Christian, we have HOPE for eternity and for a future past this life. Without that HOPE I cannot imagine how one can cope with all the trials and difficulties we face in this life, what hope does that one have to face the uncertainties and hardships we all encounter. Life is hard even as a Christian, we face death, hardships, trials, not without pain or sorrow or even despair but at the end of the day we have HOPE. We have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who came to give us eternal life and hope. With his death, He brought us life.

We were blessed to be able to go to the Holy lands in 2011. We went into the tomb where Jesus was buried, the empty tomb, and there was a plaque on the wall that said, “HE IS NOT HERE, HE IS RISEN.” There is such promise in those words.

Jesus said, “ ... come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest,” Matthew 11:28. This world can be very wearisome and burdened with the cares of it ... but we have a HOPE to help us through every trial and even each joy. A free gift of life from the ONE who gave his all for all of us. John 3:16

Thirty-seven years ago we received a wonderful miracle of life and love, a beautiful baby boy, John Andrew Eskind Hollingsworth. He is not here but he is alive and well in a real place, Heaven. We can live and love and even have joy because even missing him here, we know he lives. We will see him again.

Happy 37th birthday to John Eskind Hollingsworth.

Bill and Gloria Hollingsworth

Grateful for care

To the Editor: For about 20 years, Dr. Kent Rogers provided compassionate, skillful care to my parents, Elton and Euda Dosser.

His staff and the staffs at both Navarro Regional Hospital and Heritage Oaks Retirement Village and Nursing Home are to be commended for their wonderful medical attention.

Many other physicians, including Dr. Doug Hibbs, Dr. Bob Kingman, Dr. Dan McCoy, Dr. John Updegrove, Dr. Neal Green, Dr. Mike Malone, and others treated them in their field of specialty, and Dr. Pete McElroy was very skilled working on a 98-year-old’s fragile teeth.

Corsicana can be thankful for the quality of its local practitioners.

Don Dosser