Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas

October 18, 2013

You might be a redneck ...

By Deanna Kirk
Corsicana Daily Sun

— This is the height of our family “birthday season,” so as you read this I’ll be gathered with my people at my younger daughter’s new home in the country to celebrate our Kylie Isabella turning 2 years old. Then Sunday the family will descend upon the Kirk casa to celebrate the birthday of my madre (though I won’t reveal her age). Non-stop family birthday partying all weekend. Cool, crisp air. Birthday cake and chili and apple crisp.

Does it get any better than that?

Well, let’s just say there was a bit of a journey to get to this place. Mr. Kirk and I did some overhauling at our residence (really just the procurement of some new larger furniture, which necessitated some cleaning out and rearranging ... a large garage sale looms in my not-so-distant future). And in the middle of all that the garbage disposal sprung a leak, so we had the kitchen all to pieces for several days. No fun.

However, my daughter and son-in-law (the ones hosting the party today) have not been in their home a full two weeks. She informed me on Tuesday, Oct. 8 (after they closed on their house on Monday, the 7th) that the move would take place that night. Why, I asked? Because her landlord had told the new tenant they could move in on Wednesday!

Well, I realized my kids were rednecks when I pulled in the driveway that evening and saw an 18-wheeler and trailer backed up to the front door, and a cattle trailer backed up to the back door. It was effective, though. All the big stuff and heavy things — including Zayne’s big mondo fort — went in the 18-wheeler trailer. Packed boxes and smaller things in the cattle trailer. And all the things she had not found time to pack yet (and it was substantial) went into our individual cars.

Finally, about sundown, we caravaned out to the new house.

Where we walked in and found the former owner casually drying eating utensils out of the dishwasher, and watching a TV show.

We just stood and stared at one another.

Apparently, nobody had discussed with these folks just when the move would take place, and they were still in the midst of getting their things out.

The landlord who caused a Tuesday night move was mentioned several times in not so glowing terms, as we grumbled and wondered what to do. Leave the trailers loaded in the driveway, and the kids stay with us? But my daughter realized her undergarments were deep inside the belly of the big trailer, so that idea wasn’t appealing.

Also during this spell the landlord just happened to casually mention that his new tenant wasn’t moving in until Saturday. If looks could kill, he’d have been a goner.

Finally we decided we’d just move all the cattle trailer stuff in, and put it wherever we could, trying not to mix things with the former owners’ things.

Once that was finished, one enthusiastic gal (not me) said, “We can knock out this other trailer, too!” And there we went. Nothing could go where it belonged because their things were already there. It was a disaster.

But I must say, by Friday or so, when it began raining, I sure was glad to be done with that chore. And on Saturday evening when she had us and her sister’s family out for a cookout, and the whole thing was put together and decorated and gorgeous — I was very, very glad.

So, as we commence this weekend, I wish my sweet Mama a very Happy Birthday, and my precious Kylie a Happy 2nd Birthday. I love you both!!


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